PC Game Review Kukoo Kitchen

Kukoo Kitchen is an adventurous romp through an animated intergalactic fast-food industry. Although aimed at children and teens, the game is still a delightful challenge for players of all ages. As the levels increase, the multitasking involved in serving each customer the different items from your space kitchen becomes more challenging to complete before the tray arrives at the customer. Bonus points are awarded for giving the customer special toys with their meal. With the money made from each level, players are given the chance to upgrade their equipment which adds a new food your space menu or upgrades your current machine to produce higher priced cuisine. Special bosses add an extra challenge by being indecisive about what it is that they wish to order. Instead of telling you what they are interested in, the player is given a picture of what it is that the boss does not want to eat, and must serve whichever food items the boss does not mention. If you play your cards right and win the game, Jessi, the anime character who acts as your narrator and guide, will be able to pay the space rent on time.

While certainly nothing new in gaming, the premise for the game is generally well executed. The tutorials are just right for a young audience, requiring that the player practice any new action before having to use it in game play. There are some technical difficulties in programming that caused some shaky transitions to new screens, but these did not interrupt game play. The graphics of Kukoo Kitchen are colorful and imaginative with anime style main characters and dozens of adorable aliens waiting in line for your grub. The soundtrack is simple, but cheerful, and exactly what the game needs to keep alive the fun atmosphere when the playing becomes a challenge. All in all, the play is well balanced to be challenging for younger players. While less challenging for adults, Kukoo Kitchen does such a good job delivering on the exuberant environment that really makes the game that it is still well worth the purchase.

• Overall Score: 3/5 – Fun, playful, storybook qualities with a challenging edge for young adults and children.

• Game Play 3/5 – Simple instructions makes learning the game a cinch.

• Graphics 4/5 – Crisp and Bright.

• Sound 4/5 – Traditional arcade music with an upbeat vibe.

• Creativity 3/5 – Imaginative futuristic game with a fast-food service twist.

• Innovation 1/5 – Kukoo Kitchen is an old gaming concept redone in a rather fresh way.