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Photography Digital Film Starting out

There are many ways to get started in photography. The first major decision is whether or not one wants to start with film photography, or digital. This article will cover both paths one can take.
First, to start off. If one wants to start with film photography. Then a standard 35mm camera needs to be purchased. Picking out a camera can be tough with all the brand names floating around, i.e. Nikon, Canon, Minolta, etc. But when it comes down to it, one should pick the camera that they are most comfortable with. Try out the camera, play around with various types and see which one you seem to understand more. After you purchase a camera, then go out exploring. Walk around your neighborhood and just test out your light meter and basically how to use your camera. Try bracketing by taking the same picture but using different shutter speeds, or aperture (f/stop) settings. After you have the quirks or your camera figured out, the possibilities are endless. Shoot whatever appeals to you. After you shoot your rolls of film, if its color you can go to anywhere and just get them developed. Or if you’re really into photography you can just get the film processed and develop them yourself. Black and white darkroom processing has to be one of the most rewarding experiences to try. Find a darkroom, or make your own, and start developing your film. It’s amazing to see what you have accomplished. When developing your black and white negatives make sure you use the right amount of chemicals, may of my old film has been destroyed because I used the wrong chemicals. But other than that, it’s so much fun to see the image that you made appear right in front of your face.
Now for digital photography, the initial start is a bit more expensive than film. You can either choose a small hand held point and shoot camera, or a digital single lens reflex (dslr). You have to consider the ranger of motion you want with your camera. Whether or not you really want to play with the depth of field a lot or you just want something small and light to take photos of friends and macros of flowers. Once you pick the camera, it’s the same as with film. Go out, play around, and test your camera out on this amazing world.
Basically the good way to get started in photography is just keep shooting. If you have an eye for things, that’s perfect! Capture something you find to be precious, beautiful, exciting, or any other adjective and your bound to have somebody appreciate that art with you. So go out, explore!

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