Playing Online Puzzles

It is surprising how many people don’t know how to play online games. Having invited many to join me in the excitement of a unique experience, what was apparent was that many people cannot find their way around the Internet sufficiently to make the most of the experiences offered. Puzzle games have never been so popular and the kind which are available free for people to use are numerous, though many Internet users are too timid to take full advantage of learning how to have fun online safely with puzzles there for everyone.

* Finding sites

Finding sites for playing puzzle games in very easy indeed. If you use the words “free puzzle games online” in a Google search, you are faced with endless possibilities. Click on one of them and take a journey into the world of online games. There are many sites where interaction with others is not necessary if this is something which worries you. Here, you usually get a whole page full of choices, and can play online puzzle games for free.

What kind of games?

Solo games

The games available on these sites are for anyone. Literally anyone, of any age, will find a puzzle game to suit them. As long as they are old enough to understand basic function of a keyboard and mouse, the scope of the games is endless.

For example, easy puzzle games like memory games are very good for children, where they turn a card over and have to find the matching card. These are great for young people who are just starting an online experience. For the more advanced child, many of the search games are great fun, where they are presented with a scene and within that scene, they have to find given items and solve puzzles to advance.

For the older person, there are online crossword puzzles, sudoku, and games which are relatively hard on the brain, but pass time online in a pleasurable manner. To play these games, simply tap the game chosen with the curser, press the mouse button and escape into another place for a while, as these mind benders are fun and relaxing. For solo games, there is no need to join up. These are available to everyone on sites like and many more sites of this nature.

Interactive puzzle games

If you feel that playing games on your own is not your style, meet other gamers just like you by looking at sites like, MSN games or Yahoo Games, though on these sites, you will need to log in and get free membership. There isn’t much involved with getting membership, and standard membership of these sites is free of charge. Simply follow the instructions on the site, and see what the site offers in the way of puzzle games which interest you.

On yahoo games for example, there are many puzzle games such as Mah Jong or old fashioned puzzle games like dots, and although many of the games offered on Yahoo are solo games, look out for the interactive ones by pressing “Multi player games” to see the choice available. Similarly on Pogo and MSN, the choices are relatively easy to find.

How to get into the play arena

Each play area is divided into rooms. Here, press the room of your choice, and the site will load the main room which you have chosen, from where you can see who is playing who. To start a game, press Open a Table, or simply press START and be directed to an individual game against an opponent. These are Java activated rooms, so if you have problems, the site will tell you if you need to attend to Java issues on your computer.

How to interact with others

A little like traditional games offline, where you sit around a board, the atmosphere between you and your fellow player can be as chatty as you like. You are both there to play games, so what’s wrong with saying “Hi” and wishing them luck. At the bottom of the screen where you play, there is a little chat box so you can interact with the other player.

Remember that the player could be anyone. Never divulge personal details, and remember also that it could be a child you are playing with experiencing their first game online, who may not take kindly to too much chat. Similarly, there may be players who ask your age, sex and location. It’s kind of their way of trying to find out who you are, though if you prefer not to get personal, ignore these and just talk generally with your opponent.

Playing games through messenger

A Messenger is a means to talk to people you know, but did you know that it is also a source of great puzzle games which you can play with those people in your family, no matter how far away they are. This article deals with puzzle type games, and there are an abundance of these on the MSN messenger platform ranging from simple games like Tic Tac Toe, through to more complex concentration games like Reverso or Sudoku.

To play these, both parties who want to play should be logged in. Press the games symbol at the top of the messenger, the this connects to the games server, where you can invite your friend into a great game. Many of these are free of charge, though be aware, that there are also games which are now being charged for. Playing games through Messenger is spontaneous and means that you always have a potential partner as long as one friend is online at the same time as you are.

Jigsaws to play and share

One of the favorite games the family can play online is jigsaw games. The site used is and here there is a daily Jigsaw puzzle and you can sign up and get the link sent to your email daily. It’s great fun, and the variety is good as well, as you can change the difficulty level, change the shape of the pieces, and easily move them around the board to put them into place. A timer tells you how you are doing, making it a challenge. The site actually goes further than that in that you can upload your own photographs and make special puzzles for your friends to play online as well.

The world of online puzzles is open to anyone who can understand how to get onto the Internet and has the patience to work out how to move their pieces, or how to get the mouse to do the work for you. The controls most used on sites which have online puzzle games are the mouse, the arrows on the keyboard and the space bar. On some keyboards, you can program in special keys which you prefer to use for ease. Whichever type of puzzle your favorite is, the smallest puzzle in the pack is learning to use them. After that, it’s all down to perseverance and competitive nature.