Ps2 Star Wars Episode 3

Star Wars Episode 3 is an action game for the Playstation 2 developed by Lucasarts.

The story takes place during the third Star Wars prequel movie. The story follow Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalkers path to the darkside, the game actually doesn’t go to in depth but will still do enough to spoil the movie for you as all the key battles are recreated here.

The action is some of the best lightsaber combat ever in a game, even better than the new Force Unleashed game. You can control either Anakin or Obi Wan depending on the level you are doing. The lightsaber is a really diverse and awesome weapon to use and you will feel like one of the Jedi heroes themselves as you slay countless Super Battle Droids and Magnaguards! Force powers are also thrown into the mix and range from the good old Force push to Lightning and even heal to top up your hit points should you take to much damage.

The other element the game has is the epic lightsaber duels which are the game bosses, these range from the confrontation with Count Dooku on Grevous ship, Anakins fate deciding fight with Mace Windu in the Senate and the truly epic final battle with Obi Wan on the lava planet. These are the most exciting moments of the game and really get your heart pumping as you fight against really skilled Jedi opponents.

In addition to the single player there is a two player duelling mode with a variety of characters and levels including classic characters such as Darth Vader and Old Ben Kenobi. Also included are a couple of co op levels for you and a friend to play together and even a short sequence which puts you in control of Jedi Master Yoda!

The graphics are excellent for the Playstation 2, it recreates the characters and locations from the movie in great detail and the hum of your lightsaber is excellent.

Being a huge fan of anything Star Wars probably made see past a few of the games flaws, such as its repetitive nature and extremely short story mode, but for me this game is one of the best Star Wars game ever!