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Puzzled by Pieces Jigsaws

Let’s face it most of us have a shelf full of jigsaw puzzles that have at least one piece missing. I just can’t stand to throw out a jigsaw puzzle, but they’re really no good once you’ve lost one or more pieces. Jigsaw puzzle pieces can be very useful after their life as a part of the puzzle is over.

Jigsaw Puzzle Picture Frame

A great way to jazz up an inexpensive wooden or plastic frame is to glue puzzle pieces around the frame. The puzzle pieces can be glued on “as is” or you can paint them first and glue the puzzle pieces on after the paint dries.

Jigsaw Home Accessories

Decorate one of your bathrooms in a “puzzle” theme. Glue puzzle pieces on the mirror border. You can also decorate the trash can, tumbler and tissue box with puzzle pieces. Use puzzle sealer on a couple of small jigsaw puzzles and frame them to display in the bathroom.

This same jigsaw puzzle theme could be used in a family room or den, too. You could even cut letters out of foam core to spell “game room,” or any other words. Glue puzzle pieces on the cut out letters and hang. Select a portion of the jigsaw puzzle that is the same size as a small table top or serving tray. Glue the puzzle pieces onto the surface. Apply several coats of shellac to ensure the surface is waterproof.

Jigsaw Puzzle Gift Bags

Purchase inexpensive gift bags and glue puzzle pieces to the bag for an original designer look gift bag. You could even use some additional puzzle pieces in the bag, like you would confetti, or filler to carry through with your theme.

Jigsaw Puzzle Jewelry

Puzzle pieces can be painted or used as is with clear shellac for jewelry. Use an awl to punch a whole in the puzzle piece and run earring wire through the hole. String beads or other items on the wire to create a pair of inexpensive, original earrings.

Glue several puzzle pieces together in a desired pattern or shape. Paint or shellac the puzzle pieces as desired. Glue a pin on the back of the puzzle pieces for a ready-made brooch or pin.

Recycle Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

If you’ve lost jigsaw puzzle pieces, chances are you’ve lost game pieces to board games, too. Use jigsaw puzzle pieces as markers or characters for board games with missing pieces.

Kids can use the jigsaw puzzle pieces to make craft projects and pictures by painting and gluing the puzzle pieces to paper, toilet paper rolls and other items. Jigsaw puzzle pieces can also be used to teach children to count.

So the next time you notice you’re missing a few pieces of your favorite jigsaw puzzle, don’t throw it out! It can live on forever in a new form, serving a new function in your life!

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