Quidditch Toys

Given that it’s a fictional sport requiring flying broomsticks, it’s a bit difficult for most kids to really emulate the whole Quidditch thing. Play time will never quite look like the movies. Imagination is a big contributor, though, and with some help from a few toys younger Harry Potter fans can at least come close to playing the wizarding world’s most popular sport. Here are a few toys that will help you get into a Quidditching mood.

Golden Snitch Replica Toy

A game of Quidditch just wouldn’t happen without a Golden Snitch, and this accurately sized replica will serve your child well. Nicely weighted and durable, the Snitch is a fantastic toy to include in any Quidditch costume, and so long as your child is gentle it can be played with similarly to the movies. The detachable wings are a nice touch, as well. The Snitch also comes with a stand, so you can set it up on display when it’s not being used.

Firebolt Broom Replica

Though it’s probably more fragile and expensive than you’d want for your child, this replica of Harry Potter’s broom is spot-on movie accurate and an all-around fantastic showpiece. Include it in any Quidditch costume for instant acclaim. This will be more than the average parent will want to spend on their kids, of course, so you may want to purchase a Halloween costume prop version instead. Much less expensive, much less of a tragedy if it’s broken.

Quidditch Robe

Halloween is a kid’s dream, and thanks to the overmerchandised world of Harry Potter there are costumes on the market for virtually every role in the movies. The same goes for Quidditch players flying Gryffindor’s colors. Strap your child into one of these fantastic costumes, and they’ll be seeing bludgers and broomsticks in no time.

LEGO Quidditch Match

LEGO’s Harry Potter line has proven incredibly popular since the release of the movies, and the Quidditch Match set is no exception. It’s easy to build, it comes with five mini-figures, and it accurately depicts a Quidditch Match. More, the set is incredibly inexpensive if you can find it in a store, making it easy to purchase multiple sets and expand the number of Quidditch players on your pitch. Just swap out the heads on the players and voila! You have teams of four rather than two.

Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup

The PlayStation 2 is old news by now, but it was still a fantastic system, and any child will be instantly mesmerized by the opportunity to play Quidditch via video game. Pick your favorite team and square off against a slew of familiar faces in the pursuit of that pesky Golden Snitch. Quidditch World Cup received only average reviews, but it is by far the best video game emulation of the Quidditch experience to date. If your child is a Quidditch fanatic, this is the game to buy.