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Ranma 12 Video Game Review for the Super Nintendo

Ranma is a fighting game that has a style very similar to that of Street Fighter. It was based off an anime that hasn’t been seen on TV but maybe in DVDs in the United States. If it did appear in the US, never actually saw it so it’s hard to say based upon that to know if it followed the anime. This is actually pretty rare as this is one of the few Ranma games that appeared on the Super Nintendo.

Story: In this game, the Principal is offering you special favors in order to receive whatever you desire the most. In short, he is a bit of an trouble maker and wants to see fighting. Nothing really complex but just simply a story and picking out a character and beginning game play and that’s about all you can say on that. Talk about right to the point and not something too overly complex.

Graphics: They are as good as they can get for the Super Nintendo. Everything is as it should be in that regard and that is not something to really complain about. The backgrounds are really nice actually and look good.

Game Play: It is your standard fighter game with every character has special moves. If you are familiar with fighting games in general, this actually will not be difficult. Its controls are easy to figure out and nothing that is too overly complex. They all have a different story and each have personal goals. Pantyhose Taro is one character that can be unlocked by simply just beating the game with any character.

The weird note is that Ranma has a male and female form, which is strange just by playing it never actually seeing the show or reading the manga. It is what it is in that regard and is just unusual. Each character has its own ending based upon how they perform. You can choose any character from Ranma up to the Gambling King initially the first go around. However as all ready mentioned, if you beat the game, you can play as Pantyhose but he gets different final boss.

Overall: It’s a decent game for not really having a clue about the anime. This game is no Street Fighter by any means and it doesn’t really need to be in the first place. Is it a game that would be worth recommending to anyone? Well, that would depend on point of view and what you are looking for in a fighting game. It follows the standards in terms of fighting games but does it follow the anime? Well, leave that for those who actually watched it. It isn’t horrible and really easy to control, but it’s not to the level of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat in terms of game play.

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