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Rent a Game or not

Many people in the wide world with a potential to play a game can have lots of fun. Take me for example I have two games and there really fun, plus I enjoy them allot. One of them is Clonk Rage set in a 2d environment starting as a clonk of all kinds. If you won’t this game go to www.clonk.de Thats beside the point, the point is would you buy a game or rent a game?

I’ll give you my opinion first, don’t go out to the nearest store and rent a game of any kind. If you do that a month will be noted on your game before you have to take it back. When this happens after the month the payment starts. Some are big as five bucks a day. I wouldn’t pay that enormous amount of money on any game no mater what gene. You would pay about one hundred fifty bucks for the second month of having the game. That is just not what anyone would wont to do for playing a game. This average about three thousand dollars a year!

Now, I like to have my game all the time not having have to give it back to the store at a certain time. The cons of this is not having full game play of whatever game you have bought. You don’t get to take the experience of the full game either. This is mainly because the rent time. If I were you don’t go with it or you will waste your hard earned cash and game play.

I like to buy my games for a lot of benefits, like having a option to buy downloads. You will see no were saying you can rent a download. Thats just retarded. If you have a computer like mine then you would wont to download and then buy your games. Now, in many cases the person would like to have full gamevplay and this is totally true. The one thing is if you sum up enough cash for the game to but, not rent, then you get the full gaming experience. In addition of having to buy your games, it’s very easy and you don’t have to go through all the paperwork and talk for renting a game. with buying a game it can be get in and go in five minutes just like that.

I hope all of the gamers out there that are true games don’t go out and rent a game. Renting just wastes your money and your hard earned time in the making. Go with buying if your getting a game download form the net. Lastly, don’t get sucked into the ads that tell you to rent a game because there’s a quicker and better way to get the game you wont. Take it form me I wasted about fifty dollars in a weed renting dark 4 2. It took me a long time to get that money and I was pissed afterwards about this renting crap. Make the right choice today.

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