Review Catch Phrase

Catch Phrase is a word game that will challenge the greatest Scrabble player! This
game is geared for people over the age of 12, but word-smart younger
people will enjoy playing too!

Catch Phrase requires fast talkers
who can pass off a game quick enough that it doesn’t ring in their
possession. The game is a mixture of charades, trivia and Pictionary.
The basic idea of the game is to gather 4 or more people together-the
more the merrier-and divide into even teams. The game starts with one
person holding the electronic game board. As the board is engaged, a
word appears. The player holding the board starts talking, using every
means possible, from words and phrases to physical gestures to get the
team to say the word. Once the word is guessed,and the game board is
passed to the next team.  The button is pushed for the next word and the
game starts again. As the game progresses, the timer speeds up. No one
wants to be caught with the game board in their hands when it buzzes.

The rules
are not complex. You have to describe the word or word phrase without
using any form of the word in the description-not even the word and or
the can be used if it is in the phrase on the game board. You can’t use
the “sounds like” trick. It provides an educational experience that can
make you look bright or not so bright! The unwritten rule is that you
will have a blast playing Catch Phrase with family and friends.

is pretty easy too. The goal is the be the first team to reach 7
points. You score points in two ways. When the timer goes off in the
hands of your opponents, you get a point. If the opposing team says a
part of their word in their explanation, they have to stop the game and
you get a point. 

Catch Phrase, a game made in America, is
produced by the Parker Brothers Company. The game requires 2 AAA
batteries that do not come with the game. What is included is the
plastic game board, a timer, two tokens and word/phrases disks and a
storage tray. The game disk weighs less than a pound and has a round
shape that is easy to hold. 

This year, take your Catch Phrase
game to all of your family gatherings or parties. The game will be the
highlight of the party as everyone laughs their way to victory.