Review Mystery Case Files Return to Ravenhurst

In Return to Ravenhurst, you play a fictional detective called back to a cursed mansion you click your way through a variety of puzzles and mental challenges to save trapped souls before “He” returns. A wry sense of humor accompanies, taunting you when you make mistakes and obliquely offering hints.

• Game play: 3/5

Game play is fairly good, with some easy to understand controls. What knocks the score down a little bit is that during the object search puzzles, when one get a little frustrated and starts click everywhere in a mad attempt to find the object the computer will grab hold of the cursor and move it to a new location. The hint function works nicely, however the cool down on it is a touch too long for those who need a lot of help, or who simply want to progress quickly through the game.

• Graphics: 2/5

The graphics, despite being suitable macabre, leaves a lot to be desired given the detail low level. Make sure that the brightness is up on your monitor. The game itself is fairly dark, adding to the ambiance but searching for hidden objects is much harder in the dark. An in-game brightness adjust would have been nice.

• Sound: 4/5

The background music adds a lot to this game. Eerie music, creaking floors, disembodied voices, really do make the player believe that they are in a haunted mansion.

• Creativity and Innovation: 3/5

The immersion-adventure style of game play is great for the casual gamer, someone who just wants to sit back, not worry about a steep learning curve and have some fun. It didn’t feel like Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhurst added anything new to the genre.

Over all, Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhurst is an enjoyable game. The hour long free trial gives on just enough of a snippet that you will want to keep playing and the affordable price means that you won’t break the bank buying it. There is a strategy and answer guide, with a 5min free trial and is available for purchase.

• Total Score of Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhurst is 3/5