Review of Full Metal Soccer

Have you ever found yourself bored while surfing the Internet? Perhaps you aren’t bored, but looking to pass the time by downloading a free game. Whatever your reason is, if I could give you a list of games not to download, “Full Metal Soccer” would be somewhere very high on that list. It is an online soccer game set in the distant future where tanks are used to maneuver the ball and score goals. The tanks come equipped with a few different ways to maneuver the ball around the field but there’s nothing that really shines.

After installing the game and running it, I found myself at a screen requiring a username and password. This is easy to obtain by clicking the register button on the bottom of the log on box. I must warn you though that it did require me to verify my e-mail address before I was allowed to log in. After finishing the account creation, I logged into the game only to find empty servers. I was unfortunately unable to play against another opponent so I did the best I could and tried to familiarize myself with the controls of the game. After 30 minutes of doing circles around the online soccer arena, I finally gave up and logged out.

Overall, the game was not difficult to understand or play and the controls worked like many other games I’ve played before. The graphics, on the other hand, left something to be desired. Which was the biggest downfall for me and put the final nail in the coffin. Now I don’t expect games like these to have five-star graphics but I do expect more than what I was given here. After all, this free trial is meant to entice you to purchase the game once your time limit has run out. The sound quality and music were average to say the most, but I never really expect wonderful music and interesting sounds with mini games like these.

Last but not least, I was disconnected from the games servers four out of the five times that I was able to get through. That is a big problem because if you can’t connect then you can’t play. My overall impression of this game is poor, it lacked the attraction that many other online games have and apparently lacked the technical support needed to run it. The graphics were poor at best and the game play felt regurgitated. I score this game a 1/5 and advise against anyone purchasing it.