Review of Masters of Mystery

Overall: 5/5

Graphics: 5/5

Sound : 5/5

Masters of Mystery is worth the money you spend. This game will give you hours of exciting gameplay. Big Blue Bubble Arcade has produced a winner. This hidden object game has a great story line that keeps you wanting to know what happens next. The background music is elevatorish in one scene and hip in the next. The objects are well hidden yet findable. There is a hint option if you really are stuck.

The story starts with a murder and you (a new detective) must find out who is responsible. One murder turns to two, with a cast of interesting persons any of which could be suspect. There are word puzzles, same/different puzzles and match puzzles. You, the detective, are provided with the tools of your trade. A fingerprint brush, flashlight and even a foul mouthed Sergeant to boss you around. He only swore twice. In the fashion world greed, love, hate and murder abound as you find your way through the story. This game runs like a book, starting with chapter one and continuing on to the next chapter. Your character will pop up with suggestions and ideas as you find certain objects. If you do not complete your puzzle within the 10 minutes allotted, you can be sure Sarge will pop up and suggest you get focused then have you try again. As tools are found, thier use is explained immediately.

This is definitely a game I plan to add to my collection. The graphics are very good, the hidden object rooms are photograph in nature and not overly cluttered. The story is creative and superbly written. The music is appropriate to each area being searched. Overall the game is easy to play yet challenging to solve. Mini-puzzles are built in to help you solve the crime. Solve and hint options are built in for those who just can not figure out any given puzzle. Remember everyone is a suspect, just when you think you know who dunnit, that one is dead too. Put on your Sherlock Holmes disguise and start solving this intricate murder mystery.