Review of new Star Soccer Game

I really wasn’t prepared for this game. It’s a small 28 meg download so I wasn’t expecting a lot and lo and behold the designers did not let me down. Where do I begin? Usually, the beginning is the best place to start.

Is it right to compare this New Star Soccer game to the games that big league designers are making? Are they after the same group of gamers? Should this game be considered in the same breath as some of those other more expensive games? Yes and no. Yes, simply because they are throwing it out there into the fray. But on the other hand, we shouldn’t compare it to the other big league games simply because of what it is. We should, perhaps, take it on its own merits. So when taken on its own merits it still disappoints; in pretty much every way.

New Star Soccer (just soccer from now on) is a visual mess. I was playing the demo in what they called high resolution but it was a horrid mess. The players were moving blocks and bore only a passing resemblance to real people. It was polygon city. I haven’t seen graphics this bad in the last 15 years. Why didn’t they spend more time working on the player graphics is any ones guess but they should have.

I found the music to be the most annoying euro-electronic dance stuff. So that was the first thing that had to go. The game was made ever so much better with no music pulsating in the background. There is some crowd noise but you’d be better off turning off all sound and playing your own music instead.

Do you like stats? Well Soccer is replete with them. I know gamers who buy the big league sporting games and never actually play the game but put it on auto mode and they work as a manager only. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this option, it might exist but I wasn’t able to find it.

It would be easy to continue ripping this game apart but it might be time for some mercy. The game is $19.99 but perhaps it should be cheaper. There is nothing new in this game, it’s all been done before and it has been done much better. There is no way I would spend my own money on this waste of time.

It’s ugly and sounds horrible and is just a complete waste of time. The designers should scrap this game and begin anew, do not use the basic game engine to make a new game. Do not do anything with the game except throw it all away and start again. On second thought perhaps they should just make a different kind of game all together.

This game rates 1/5 and that is being generous.