Review of Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Warhammer is one of the flagship products of Games Workshop which is one of the most successful games retailers in the world, which means that they must be doing something right with it.

For those who don’t know, Warhammer is a tabletop turn based strategy war-game based in a fictional world wherein creatures such as Elves, Orcs, Dwarfs, and evil Chaos exist amongst humans.

There are about 15 distinct and interesting playable races which are available to suit any play style from being able to charge using a massed horde of troops such as Orcs or beastmen, to sitting back and shooting using the firepower available to Dwarfs and High Elves.

The variety of armies available to play with as part of the rules system is one of the great things about Warhammer, because there will always be an army which suits your style.

Further customisation is available because each army comprises of many, many different troop types which are bought based on a points system for each troop type against a maximum number of points for a certain battle, which means that there are dozens of combinations for an army, and you are never entirely sure what your opponent will bring.

These combinations are honed by the history of the rules set which has been in development and had different iterations over the years, as the company has been producing this game for over 30 years.

This fact has both good and bad points, and this review of Warhammer Fantasy Battle will show you both of them.

The fact that the rules keep changing is one of the main issues regular players have with the system.  The 7th edition rules had been around for only a couple of years.  The rules set is currently on the 8th edition, which means that for each edition, people have had to buy the core rules, the rules set for their own army, or armies, plus with each edition, Games Workshop bring out new and interesting versions of the models, and lots of new troop types which are the next ‘must-have’ troops.

Another of the big problems with the game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle is that you can kiss your lunch money goodbye.  Back when I first started collecting, an average game consisted of about 2000 points of troops, and to buy that amount of troops cost about £180.  Now, the average game is about 3000 points, and the cost of models has gone up making it more expensive all round.

The flip side to that is that when you buy models, they don’t go out of date.  In fact, I am still using models dated from the 1980’s.  Because Warhammer models are so long lasting, there is a healthy trade in second hand models, so it is quite possible to get models at a fraction of the price.

As with any new game, there are a lot of rules to learn, but take heart in the fact that there are some core rules which are repeated throughout the game which makes the learning easier.

If you have played other tabletop war-game, then the principles of the different phases and actions in the game will be familiar to you.  If you haven’t played much in the tabletop genre, then it is probably better to seek someone more experienced.

Overall, Warhammer fantasy battle is an excellent game to get into as there is top quality support from the many stores and information online to get you started.  Plus, what is a very important factor: the game is fun!  There is a lot of in depth strategy which you can play with, and a diverse number of people playing, so is a great way to meet new people.

Have fun with it.