Reviewing the Game Boy Mega Man Game

The first Mega Man game boy game was an attempt to bring Mega Man to a different audience that loved the Game Boy. It was titled Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge as it would be a sequel to the NES Mega Man game but a prequel to Mega Man 2. You can play this game on a Game Boy Advance or if you have the Game Boy Player hooked up to the GameCube, right there. Now, what this does is start a trend with four robot masters to fight at first. The only two robot masters that didn’t appear would be Guts Man and Bomb Man.

Story: Dr. Wily is out for revenge and is trying to take over the world. It is up to Mega Man to take care of Dr. Wily. Mega Man games are not known for complex storytelling and it doesn’t need to be. If you look at where it actually takes place, it probably is in between the first two Mega Man games on the NES.

Graphics: For the game boy, it does work in the sense that everything is as it should be. With the original Game Boy, it had a greenish screen so it appeared that way. However, if played on the Game Boy Pocket, it would however appear to be black and white thus making it a bit easier to see.

Game Play: It is pretty straightforward and takes on the element of stage selecting. Unlike the NES games, this one however would have you fight four robot masters first and then fighting the other ones in its own group of four. The A is for jumping and B for fire and should be easy to use without question. The pattern is about the same as before but the stages are different than its NES counterpart respectively. The other four bosses are from Mega Man 2, highly regarded as one of the single best Mega Man games ever made.

Instead of fighting all eight robot masters near the end of the game, you have to only have to fight the ones from Mega Man 2 being Quick Man, Bubble Man, Heat Man, and Flash Man. After completing them, you fight a new character by the name of Enker. After defeating him, it’s on to a battle with Dr. Wily. Once you defeat him, the game is over and it’s just all the other Mega Man games.

Overall: While Game Boy games haven’t officially been placed on the Virtual Console, it should get on there as soon as possible. It is a good game and it starts off the Mega Man Game Boy games on the right foot. The timeline, if there is one, would have it take place between the first two Mega Man games. This game is what you would expect from a Mega Man game and that’s not a bad thing, that’s a good thing.