Runescape Combat Training Guide

Combat is by far the most commonly trained skill throughout all of Runescape. In fact, a high combat level is almost a must to have. Very rarely do players intentionally choose to avoid combat, but even these players keep separate accounts where they participate in combat. Besides being a useful and practical skill to level up, players will also judge you by your combat level since it is displayed for the world to see. But to become higher leveled, you will have to train, and it is important to know what you’re doing when you train.

There are eight skills total which classify as combat skills, and affect the players “combat level”: Attack, Strength, Defense, Hitpoints, Magic, Ranged, Prayer, and for members only, Summoning. This guide will scrape the basics of the most effective ways to train the melee skills (attack, strength, and defense), which are the most common and low-maintenance skills.

♦ For Free Players ♦
The scimitar is proven to be the most effective weapon for training, as it has the highest DPM (damage per minute) rate, so purchase the best scimitar that you have the level to wield, and prepare to fight some monsters.

→ Traditionally, cows are a great place to begin training, as they are not very harmful, have high hitpoints (meaning higher experience per cow), and most of all, they have fairly valuable drops. This is recommended for players with a combat level of 3 through 20, but is still not a bad option for higher leveled players. If the player kills the cows near “Beefy Bill” (north of Lumbridge and south of Varrock), they can easily use Bill’s banking service, making this method even easier.

→ At levels 20 to 30, it is best to switch to training on minotaurs in the “Stronghold of Security”.

→ For approximately levels 31 through 60, the best choice of monsters to train on is the “Hill Giant”. These can be found in the “Edgeville Dungeon”, and are easily accessed by using a “brass key” on the door of the lonely hut to the west of Varrock.

→ At level 61, you can take on almost any monster available to free players, so you could even start training on cockroaches! Cockroach workers would offer a better rate of experience, but killing cockroach soldiers will give you a shot at getting a rare rune scimitar drop! The choice is up to you.

♦ For Members ♦
The abyssal whip equipped in the weapon slot, and the rune defender in the shield slot are the most popular choice for serious trainers. If you can’t afford a whip, or don’t have the requirements to use it, then don’t worry! Members have a large assortment of weapons to choose, from, so try a bunch out and see which weapon you like best. Once you choose your weapon, you’re ready to fight.

→ Chaos Druids are popular for players of all levels to kill. In most cases, they are not killed for combat training, but rather for money. They commonly drop valuable herbs, but for lower leveled players, are also an effective method of training.

→ Rock Crabs are one of the most popular training monsters in member’s worlds, due to their low combat level, yet contrastingly high life points. They can be found in the northernmost part of Rellekka, on the small peninsula inside the Fremmenick town.

→ The slayer skill is also a method of combat training to consider. Training slayer will level up your combat level accordingly. Through slayer, you will get a variety of “tasks” of monsters to kill, that apply only to your level. Not only does this offer an effective way to train multiple skills at the same time, but you will never get bored because you are consistently getting new tasks. As an added bonus, as your slayer level improves, you will find yourself making more and more money on tasks. In fact, the slayer skill is how many rich players acquire their wealth.