Runescape F2p Smithing Guide


Knights Sword

Knights Sword is a F2P quest which gives 12,725 smithing experience upon completion, directly pushing the smithing level from 1 to 29. If a player manages to finish the quest, he/she needs to smith only a few items before changing to steel. The only problem is that you have a possibility of dying, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Level 1-14

For beginners not willing to complete Knights Sword, they can only smelt bronze and smith bronze weapons in the period. The most convenient mining sites are the eastern Lumbridge mine (Formerly the Mining Tutor mine), Varrock east and west mine, which the first should be mainly used for mining and the two as a drop-off to Varrock. Beware of Giant Rats and Dark Wizards near the Varrock mines for new players. Either way, buying the ores from the Grand Exchange and selling the bars makes some profit.

Level 15-29

Iron bars can be smelted from iron ores, making 50% success except using superheat item. Superheating is not recommended as the cost is very high compared to the products. With 15 mining players can mine the iron ores in various mines, which is highly recommended.

Level 20-29

Silver bars can be smelted from silver ores. The most efficient place to mine silver is Al-Kharid mine, but it can be hard to train on as silver has a long mining and respawn period. At current Grand Exchange prices, buying the ore, then smithing it will result in gaining a small amount of money (was around 15 GP and i believe it still is). Crafting them into unstrung symbols reduces the value so it will lose money, although the true problem is silver items can rarely be sold except the ores and bars, in a F2P world.

Level 30-50

You can smelt steel bars which sell for around 621 (on the 16/5/11) coins each on the Grand Exchange. Steel bars are smelted using one iron ore and two coal per bar. It is recommended you buy the coal but mine the iron ores. By doing this you can make a pretty hefty profit, as Coal only costs 222 (16/5/11) coins each and iron ore is only 97 (16/5/11) coins each. Even if you buy all of them you will make a profit of 300 coins per bar. I recommend buying coal, because it takes a long time to mine but you should mine it if you can go into the mining guild (60 mining).

Level 50+

Mithril Bars can be smelted at this level, giving 30 experience. They sell for 1309 (16/5/11) coins each on the Grand Exchange. Assuming that you make 250 bars an hour then you would be able to make 7,500 experience per hour.