Runescape is better Botting Diablo – Runescape

Although many people favour Diablo over Runescape, the simple truth is Runescape is better.  Sure, it doesn’t have all the fancy features, but the main point is it’s free.  You don’t have to go out and buy the CD; you can log online and play. 

A bonus point is that it has a classic mode for devoted players.  Sure, it’s plagued by problems just like other games, but there are skills (woodcutting, firemaking, mining, etc.) You get rewarded for playing and you can also choose to pay to play, there is always the free option if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned dough. 

Although many despise Runescape in favour of World of Warcraft or Guildwars, more people play Runescape than Diablo, an added bonus is that you still have the same game play, regardless of how many people are online, lag-free!

Many people believe that people bot all throughout the day, Diablo is plagued by millions of bots while Runescape is botted on minor scales, with the most bots in woodcutting. I myself have attempted to bot and it is not possible without money to spend, otherwise you get terrible scripts or hacked.

Runescape does try and fix bots; Diablo dosen’t.  Instead it lets it go, they don’t care.  Although both games have bots – they are impossible to not have -Runescape actually tries to terminate them perminately.

Another big perk about Runescape is the simplicity of use.  You’ll log onto games like Diablo and Shaiya and you won’t even know how to buy something, but on Runescape it’s a simple click (right click if you want to be safe) to do the operation you wish to carry out. 

Unfortunately, Runescape dosen’t get the recognition it so truly deserves.

Question: Which game was out first: Runescape, Diablo or WoW?

Answer: Runescape.

Runescape is the base for all MMORPGs these days.  The simplicity of it make it envied by all the big companies.  They want to be the best.  Fortunately, they never will be.  The simple reason is because Runescape is free.  This is because Runescape makes it money through optional membership and ads;  WoW, on the other hand, makes its money through charging for the CDs, having to buy constant membership and then pay constantly.  Diablo also charges for their CDs.

Fortunately, Runescape isn’t like this, they simply put some ads in their html source code and makes millions for their website. This then achieves three things: makes us happy, keeps them in business and make them profit.

Diablo: sure, it has better graphics and more features.  That’s what you would expect from something you have to pay for.  Runescape does the same thing, the difference is it doesn’t have as good graphics, but they are only slightly worse.  Diablo and Runescape were equal.  Now Runescape is, because it is free.