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Safecracker Downloadable Game Review

“Safecracker” is a game sold upon the games website “BigFishGames.com”, which was named “Number 1 Adventure Game of 2007” by that very site. The 300MB download was fairly hefty, although everything went off without a hitch and the installation was also pretty straight forward. A trail game of the version can be acquired, although the full game retails for around $6, dependent upon the site which you download it from.

The game begins with the main character being set the task of finding a deceased billionaire’s will- something which would have been child’s play for a renowned puzzle cracker such as yourself if not for the twist to this tale in that billionaire was an avid safe-collector, and has hidden his will within one of 35 different safes around the luxurious home; all 30 rooms of which are free to explore by the player in a detached first-person perspective in a point-and-click manner which should be immediately familiar with experienced gamers.

The gameplay of the game is therefore very straight forward. The player navigates and interacts with items through the left-click. He can also open up an inventory and go back to the Main Menu via the right-click. Needless to say this game is easy to pick up and get an instant feel for what you are doing. That is not to say that the puzzles are simple however, far from it. The first safe (one you must crack in order to find the code to the main door) itself is quite a conundrum until you click onto the coloring of the safe itself. As the story progresses the safes get gradually and satisfyingly more difficult without becoming repetitive; a pitfall diligently avoided by the creators.

And what an environment to explore! As far as downloadable games go, at least, the game is a joy to look at. The graphics do well to keep the player interested and sell the mystery and puzzling nature of the mansion well. Everything feels just as it should and despite having taken on a slight cartoon element to the graphics the mansion retains its characteristic age and luxurious feel which makes this game feel warm and cozy. All of the safes are easy on the eye and don’t over-complicate matters further with sloppy visuals or crowded menu screens.

The sounds of the game are also crisp and suitably implemented. The quiet classical music serves as a great backdrop to the mystery of the game and perhaps goes some measure towards keeping the player’s brain active during the exploration segments of the game. As the story progresses you will also get narrative from your suitably clichd character in his noble English accent; dictating his increasing interest in the unfolding mystery which has begun to enclose him. The opening of doors and safes, investigating items and other simple sound effects are all present too to a high standard, and despite being easily taken for granted they give the game a very professional feel.

In conclusion this game is a very worthwhile purchase. Expect your brain to be worked out, your curiosity to be tickled and your need for worthwhile gaming satisfied with this excellent title, all at the price of $6! I give this game a solid 5/5!

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