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Sharpen your memory by playing games

Memory is the part of the brain that helps one to retrieve learned information and recall past experiences. Like other parts of the body, the brain needs exercise to continue to perform at optimum best. One effective way to exercise the brain and maintain a sharp memory is to play board games.

Long-term memory exercises:


This is an excellent game for exercising long-term memory. Scrabble challenges you to dredge up vocabulary lessons from your school days in order to come up with long words configured with a limited amount of letters. The longer the word, the more points earned.

Trivial Pursuit

A game that taxes the memory to retrieve facts about people, places and events of long ago. The sharper your long term memory, the more proficient you will be at the game of Trivial Pursuit, and by the same token, the more you play Trivial Pursuit, the better you will become at retrieving information that potentially lays dormant in your mind

Short term memory exercises:

Chess and checkers

Playing board games such as chess and checkers helps to improve short-term memory. These games rely on ability to strategize. Concentration and keen observation are required skills for defeating your opponent in these games. The ability to focus and concentrate is necessary to win the game and also to enhance short term memory.


The Milton Bradley board game of Concentration is one of the best entertainment activities to exercise and improve short-term memory. The game consists of matching pictures to ultimately solve the puzzle underneath and was fashioned after the television game show with the same name. This game is so effective a learning tool that Milton Bradley came up with an educational version for use in schools.

This is a small sampling of the myriad  board games available in toy stores today. You will find many versions similar to the above-listed games that provide equal memory-enhancing challenges. While puzzles, video games and card games are also effective ways to provide activity to the brain, board games have the added advantage of encouraging social interaction among players, which is another positive brain-enhancing activity.

A fading memory might be a normal part of the progression of aging; however, you can take steps to exercise and strengthen your memory, and have  fun at the same time, by playing board games with loved ones and friends. Exercising with friends and family is a fun way to remain physically fit; playing board games is a fun way to exercise the memory and stay mentally fit.

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