Sherwood Dungeon Online

Sherwood Dungeon is a free MMO game that features dungeon combat on a 3D game map. The game is browser based and runs on the shockwave player which is all you need to play the game through your browser.

Game Play

The game features a castle and several portals that grant you access to areas of the dungeon. The dungeon features levels that progress the further you go into the dungeon. At this time the end of the dungeon is not known as the levels keep on going and getting progressively harder as you go down.

You can take quests from an NPC character outside of the dungeon that will reward you with items if you complete the quest. The quests involve killing a number of creatures within the dungeon itself. There is also a merchant NPC that will buy loot off of you or you can purchase a weapon and shield from him.

Combat is very easy with just an attack and block option. At certain levels you also get a few more additional attacks. You can collect runes throughout the levels and once you have the required amount make a better weapon then the one you are carrying. You will find healing potions and a few other items in this minimal browser game.

You won’t find crafting, or a very diverse world in this game, it is very plain and rather boring. There is not much character customization and the enemies you face are all basically the same with a few different colors and sizes. Many levels are very dark and uninspired graphically. The game does feature a few PvP areas but this is not possible within the dungeon itself. You can join team by changing the color of your uniform and you can do this each time you die. If you leave the game and are inside the dungeon you will be back at the castle when you login again.

There are no skills you can acquire besides the required points to wield weapons at your level, so there is nothing really to strive for in this game. There is no soundtrack, no story and a few basic sounds mostly involving the movement of your weapons and hits on the enemy. It is hard to get excited about the game play in Sherwood Dungeon because the game is so lack luster. Many of the beginning levels are not very fun and the enemies are just boring to look at and to fight, the game has nothing for me the player to strive for except getting further in the dungeon.


Sherwood Dungeon is too simple and doesn’t engage the player to keep coming back for more. If you want to hack and slash until you are so bored you can’t take it anymore, Sherwood Dungeon might be for you. There are better fantasy MMO games out there.