Should a Script be Changed to Suit an Audience – Yes

Yes! A script should be changed to suit the audience. There are many different audience types, and styles, and each needs their own selected role,or plot in a script. If the script is written where many ideas could come from it, then it should, and must be changed to suit the audience that will be viewing the play, theatre, or book. Every script written, is’nt intended for every audience. Certain things must be done to a script to change its content to the audience that will be viewing it.

A script written by an author for older audience , can be told to an audience of young, by omitting certain words, and turning them into words, ways, and actions of the young. While that same script can be looked through, and can become a work for teens, you can’t use the same wording for every audience. Some scripts have been changed for the same audience, that was viewing them from the first script, and lost interest when re-wrote for the same audience.

To be able to adjust the same script to fit among different audiences is possible, and very creative, and can be done if the writer so chooses. While writing in any art form requires deep thoughts, and inspiration from the writer to make the adjustment , from a script, to write to an adjustable audience.

For example: If a script is a drama. add some humor, and jokes, plus stupid stunts to the script, and it becomes a comedy. Remove the comedy from the script, and add some horrible events, and the script becomes a murder, for the x-rated audience, add ex-rated stuff and the script turns into an adult script. That same script can be changed to fit any audience, with imagination and work any script can be adjusted to fit any audience. This is where mathmatics come into view. Add words, or subtract words into or out of the script for whatever audience the author is writing for.

If a script is written for teenagers, but at the last minute your boss would rather you write an script with more drama, and more adult content, and conversation, then it must be, and should be changed to suit the adult audiences. The adult viewing public, wants to see adult scripts.

A men’s only script, that is written for babies, make about the same amount of sense, as not willing to change a script to adjust to the audience. Should a script be changed to suit an audience? Exactly! But then it all it depends upon what the editor wants, and is looking for.