Should you let your Kids Play War

Many parents let their kids play war, in which the children pretend to be soldiers fighting on the good and bad sides. Some parents do not allow their children to play this game. There are both advantages and disadvantages to letting children play war, which include the following.

Many parents do not want their children playing a game that is all about violence. They may worry that the children will emulate this behavior in real life or may act violently toward others in school or in other real-life situations. They may want their child to play in a more constructive manner or work together in a cooperative way. There are many different choices of games and activities that children can play that do not involve any violence.

Some parents may also worry that the children will get hurt while they are playing war, even if it’s by accident. For instance, one child may get too rough and may hurt the other one. The children may get too much into their parts and fight each other for real.

Some parents do not mind the game of war. They may find it advantageous because it teaches children about real-life situations. They might teach the children about the military and all that they do for the country. The children might understand the distinction between the good and bad sides.

Many children enjoy playing war. They think of it as a fun activity and may like to do it with friends. Many kids play by emulating reality, and they might want to pretend to be military heroes and the good guys.

Even if you do allow your child to play war, make sure to properly supervise him or her so that everything is appropriate and nothing gets out of hand. If you see that he or she starts to take this behavior into the real world, then you might want to stop the play time. Make sure that he or she knows that it is just play and that there are still limits on what he or she should do during the game.

Although there are some advantages to playing war, the disadvantages are  strong. Part of whether this will make sense for your child depends on his or her own characteristics and temperament. If you have a child who has an anger management problem or any history of violence, then war is probably not a good game for him or her. Parents need to decide for themselves whether this is a game that they want their children playing.