Some of the Top Baby Dolls

As a doll collector this was a difficult job to pick just a reasonable amount of baby dolls I consider to be ranked at the top. I limited myself to mostly modern ones, but there are soooo many more.

Near the top must be Vogue Dolls. I adore all the Baby Dear ones. She was my very first doll as an adult and my first example was very poor condition, but I loved her and still do. One of my favorite dolls of the series is Too Dear, she has pudgy legs and chubby cheeks and I think she is cute as a button. She is more toddler than baby, but close enough to include here.

First, I must just say I am a huge fan of Horsman dolls. I love baby sized ones and they have several. The copies of the Bye-Lo baby from 1977 and the older HE-Bee doll are great examples of baby dolls at their best. I love all the squeezable babies with their soft bodies and vinyl head and limbs.

For one of the prettiest babies, I suggest Madame Alexander’s Pussy Cat. I prefer the brunette examples, but the blondes are also adorable. They have sweet faces and pretty clothes and they come in different sizes.

I never tire of the unique cuteness of a Gerber baby. Even the latest editions are very cute. Some have accessories that make them fun for play as well as collecting.

Where would this list be without Ideal’s Thumbelina? She is a wiggling bundle of joy and should be in any doll collector’s baby section. She is very realistic looking with her open/close mouth and adorable curled toes.

All of Effanbees’ dolls are well made and beautiful but Patsy Baby is a playful looking baby you could not resist. I like the composition one the best; but the series come in several sizes and materials.

Of course, we could never forget many girls of my generation favorite in Tiny Tears by American Character.

The American Toy Company has given us Butterball and she is a joy to behold.

Terry lee offers us her more exotic looking baby in Corinne Lynn. I love her looks and she makes me want to squeeze her. She has wonderful curved baby wigs and once again very long lashes.

For very modern examples, you can look no further than Hasbro’s Real Baby. She has the character face of a baby that is certainly about to cry any moment. She has a weighted cloth body so she sits better.

Add to this modern list of offerings with Tyco’s Oopsie Daisy from 1989. She is hard to cuddle, but will bring smiles to your eyes and mouth when you see her performance. She crawls and falls. She cries and pulls herself up again, calling for Mama at the same time. She is a work of art and a fun addition to anyone’s collection.

The concept of the Precious Hugs cloth baby is a cross between a doll and plush stuffie. Great dolls for little ones, but I love to hug them myself. The big eyes and long lashes and watermelon smile make her irresistible.

The My Child doll by Mattel is another great idea for smaller ones and again very sweet and lovable. She boasts a flannel body, stitched fingers, and the cutest button nose.

Well, I’m just getting started, but you can’t ever have too many dolls.