Star Wars Collecting

Collecting Star Wars Action Figures

Two generations have now begun collecting action figures. A young man who saw each movie on the first day of release and would stand in front of a toy store display hoping to find rare action figures now has children who have collected action figures from Star Wars 1, 2, and 3. The animated movie and the cartoon network series prompt a new generation of collectors. There are steps for the young and old to expand their collections.

Original Action Figures

George Lucas is the expert on marketing for a movie. Some action figures were only on sale is select markets. The collector from the original series knows what holes he has in his collection and there are no new products available for him at retailers. He must shop antique stores or on eBay. It has become a bigger challenge for him than when he had to search for the rare released figures. At that time, he could find out where you had to purchase or qualify to buy the action figure and find someone to help him. He played with his action figures so now he hunts to replace worn figures.

When shopping on eBay or in antique stores, a shopper needs to determine the care the item received. The greatest value for the buyers comes from the purchase of an item that is in its original packaging with notification of which movie the action figure promotes. Before the pre-sequel movies arrived at the theater, action figures similar to the original showed up in toy stores. It helped the previous generation to share their favorite movie with their children, but it caused original collectors to be alert to not purchasing these new releases on the secondary market.

Even the cartoon series is aiming some of their promotions to the children of the original series. Collectors can purchase decorator framed prints from the Clone War Cartoon series, which are suitable for family room decor.

Next Generation

Many learned the decreased value of their childhood collections so when they started purchasing toys for their children. They buy one to inspire admiration through play and one to save. They are locating the rare figures for this generation. They are picking up more than one of the figure through friends traveling or living in the areas of the sales market for the rare figures.

How long will the Star Wars popularity last. Someone may keep the collection beyond popularity and the collection loses value. If the collector enjoys the collection through memories, its value may remain for a lifetime.