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From the developer of WarCraft, Blizzard Entertainment proudly presents you the new Star Craft 2, the continuous of StarCraft: Brood War brings you with many new attracting features and awesome graphic. As usual the 3 race Protoss, Terran and Zerg, the 3 supreme powers are once again back to battle across the galaxy for survival.

StarCraft 2 is divided in to a trilogy where each of the campaign’s story lines and focuses on the 3 main races.

“StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty” for the Terran

“StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm” for the Zerg

“StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void” for the Protoss.

Brief introduction about the 3 main races:


Protoss was once was considered the strongest species in galaxy with their top notch technology and their number of robotic war machine. In StarCraft 2, some of the units still remain the same from StarCraft: Brood War such as the melee unit “Zealot” and the airship “Carrier”. Their technology to warp is their specialties and their “Dark Templar” now is able to permanently stay invisible although when it is attacking.


Terrans are the Human race where not as high tech as the Protoss and also did not inherit super biological strength as Zerg. In order to survive under this kind of condition, Terran survived by because of their armor and fire power such as the “Marines” where cheap and effective that can aim ground and air units. Terran’s all time favorite “Battle Cruiser” with their “Yamato” cannon are still available in StarCraft 2. Other than that, “Ghost” and their ability to call Nuclear and deployable siege tank are good in offensive and defensive.


The brutal and violent Zerg evolved in to more powerful creatures in StarCraft 2 where some of their units are able to move when burrow in ground. Zerg are extremely fast in producing unit and movement speed and their massive units are their strong point where players that to use Zerg like to play rush game. Some of the Zerg’s units are still available in StarCraf 2 such as the Zergling, Hydralisk and Mutalisk.


StarCraft 2 is well developed and it does not release out all three expansions at once and this is what I like about them. Each expansion are develop one at a time, with the development of Zerg campaign right after Terran’s campaign and continue on to Protoss campaign after Zerg campaign are done.