Starcraft Broodwar Game Review

Created as an expansion to what was already hailed as one of the greatest games in its time, Starcraft: Broodwar continues the military, RTS (real time strategy) legacy left by its predecessor. The game includes many new and exciting additions to each of the three races introduced in Starcraft including the Terran Medic, Zerg Lurker, and Protoss Dark Templar, new missions for each of the three races, as well as a powerful campaign editor. Not to mention several new bosses and an in depth storyline featuring the continuation of the struggles to survive between the three races. Also, its gaming engine has been updated, as well as a souped up computer AI, and highly detailed, albeit 2D graphics. The game also allows several different game types including one on one battles, team battles, and melee battles with up to 8 people, either against the computer, over LAN, or on, Blizzard’s gaming server.

The basics of the game are simple and easy to learn: mine minerals, harvest vespene gas, build structures, build units, and then conquer the enemies without getting conquered yourself. The controls are mostly mouse-based, point and click, but keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys allow easier and better control over your empire. Mastering the game on the other hand is much more difficult, and this is where the game gets interesting. With so many units in three different races and strategies to choose from, there is always a way to beat the opponent. Learning new techniques, understanding the deeper concepts of the game, using that understanding to battle against friends or in tournaments, and overcoming your competition, is what keeps players worldwide hooked.

But that is not all. The campaign editor allows players to not only design new maps to battle other people on, it also allows the creation of UMS (Use Map Settings) trigger maps. With the use of these triggers, map makers can create any type of game from tower defense where players must defend against waves of computer controlled enemies, to complex RPGs where players control their hero complete quests and fight enemies, shooters, fighting and racing games,or even adaptations of popular boardgames such as Monopoly or Risk. There is no end to the different possible games that one can create or download. Essentially, Starcraft is a million different games in one. No one will ever become tired of Starcraft: Broodwar because there will always be something new out there.

If you are looking for a game to try out, or just need something to do in spare time, give Starcraft: Broodwar a go, and I promise you will not regret it.