Starwars Lego Merchanting

LEGO is probably the essence of a kids imagination. You can make anything as long as you have the bricks of course! But Star Wars lego is a lot more different. It has features just like the stuff in the movies, yet it gives some room for imagination to customize and make your own creations. BUT collecting gives a whole different purpose for legos. Some of the most sucessful lego collectors know that starwars lego collecting can be profitable after a while, because many will still want the discontinued items. There are three parts to star wars lego collecting, OR just lego collecting in general. This includes Buy, Store, and Sell.

Buy: This is a key element in collecting lego, because you need to know what sets to buy and when to buy the sets. The what is very easy, to choose which lego sets you like the most. This widely depends on what lego sets there are, because in a couple of years, the lego sets may even quadruple the price. Some of the more expensive sets like limited edition star destroyers are good choices to buy because of their expense, and because there are not as much made. Also, if you are just buying for the fun of it, there is possibility of buying on the internet for a little bit cheaper than retail.

Store: This is another key element, because if you are planning to sell your legos in the future, it is key to have your lego’s in perfect condition if you want that extra money. It is advised not to open the boxes, because you want to keep your lego’s in “mint” condition, because buyers are pretty picky. This is also an important step to yourself because if you used the legos, you want to have them in the top-most condition they can be in, because when it does become that time to sell them, the seller would not want a damaged product! ALSO, having lego’s used will lower prices!

SELL: This is the part where the dollars start rolling in for all that time you have been waiting to sell your lego’s. Even if you are not selling your precious legos, it will be considered someday, because the prices will be in the sky for your legos. Selling legos is a challenge because if you don’t know your prices very well, you can certainly get ripped off by a cunning buyer. It is wise to research prices, so that you can get a reasonable price.

Now that you know a little about starwars lego collecting, why not give it a chance? There are opportunities out there to be the creative collector of Star wars!