Step Dancing a Form of Artistic Expression

Step dancing is a kind of dance in which an individual allows their entire body to be utilized as an intrument. This type of dance is characterized by foot stomps, hand claps and verbal chants. In step dance a “stepper” becomes the step itself. they let the beat transform them from head to toe. It is considered a form of artistic expression because every individual who performs this style of dance makes it look completely different. This is because no two people are the same. Each person has a unique body frame.

For example, some people prefer to step lighter than others while others prefer to step harder. Each person has their own style. When it comes to female step teams, they tend to do transformation steps. Transformation steps occur when a step team starts out in one position and ends up in a totally different one while stepping. The step they start with is usually blended with another one. With a large group of steppers transformations have to be precise. For example, a group of female steppers will begin in a “cross” formation and end up in a “square” at the end of the routine.

Step teams from all over the United States converge in one area. They often come to the south to showcase their talent and skills. Some step teams prefer to sway side to side as they chant and others prefer to remain in a uniform position. Other steppers use transition steps through most of the routine. This makes for an elaborate stepping performance.

Male step teams showcase the artistic expression of step dance by incorporating props such as canes and poles. The purpose of these props is to augment the sounds and look of the step team. Males chant more because of their voices tend to be deeper. They have voice cues which signal another stepper to get into position. Men also slap their chest more. This is a way for the men to show their masculinity. They often stomp more than women. Women tend to chant , but revert into steps more often.

Even though stepping has been around for many years, many people do not know about the history of it. In the states it is in its infancy. Stepping did not get much press until the early 90’s. some people get it mixed up with tap dancing. the more an individual gets into the art form, the more they like it.

For years to come stepping will continue to gain momentum. It will keep growing larger and larger. The expression of art that shines from this dance style will affect many people.