Step Dancing how Stepping Improves the Body

“Step dancing” or “stepping” is a form of physical movement that involves various parts of the body. It consists of stomping, clapping, and interchanging formations. This style of dancing is well known among colleges and universities.

It is fun to do as well as beneficial to the physical body. It is known to enhance coordination, elevate heart rate, increase alertness and endurance. It is a type of work out that produces leaner and stronger muscles. Individuals who participate in step dancing tend to see results within 30 days. These results range from tighter abs to toned thighs.

In truth, any form of physical activity will enhance the condition of the body and stepping is no exception. What makes stepping such a powerful workout tool is the dance itself. Stepping is a very active dance style.

Most classes require individuals to step for at least 30 minutes to an hour. Within this half hour period, they are either moving their arms, stomping their feet or clapping their hands. Sometimes steps combine all three elements. Formations require “steppers” to modify step routines in the middle of a presentation. This encourages them to utilize a lot of energy and burn many calories. This will increase their heart beat. The more the heart beats, the stronger it becomes.

Most of the resistence comes from the fact that they have to use their legs the most to stomp. In order for the sound to be amplified, they must use a large amount of force when coming in contact with the surface. The more they do this, the more their upper leg muscles become defined.

Moving back and forth and slapping their hands against their legs is another way stepping improves the body. Typically moving from side to side tones a steppers arms and legs. During this movement the step is constantly listening and coordinating the steps with beats. This improves alertness.

Steppers tone the thighs and arms by first stomping to the ground, raising their thigh, clapping under there leg and stomping again to the ground. This is a popular routine among different step teams.

The arms are strengthened over time from stepping as well. The arms are the most prominent features of step shows. Individuals are required to keep the arms either to the sides of their bodies, or elevated to there breast bone with the finger tips of each hand facing each other. The arms are straight at all times. This is usually the conclusion of a step routine.

The most strenuous move is when a stepper has to drop down to the ground, slap the floor and jump back up. This requires a large amount of energy because they are usually asked to do it more than twice.

Stepping is a great way to get in shape and tone the body. It is fun and will make you happier in your own skin.