Step Dancing how the Arms Define Step Moves

Step dancing is a manner of dance that involves every portion of the upper and lower body. It is made up of clapping, stomping and song. However, what defines step dancing more than anything is the arms.

Even with a balanced tempo and solid stomp, steps will not present well if the arms are not straight and precise. This has largely to do with the fact that the position of the arms begin and end a routine. Steppers are required to commence a step with their arms to there side or in front of them.

The arms are like the “icing on the cake” for step moves. They introduce them and end them on point. They also help the steppers keep up with the beat of the move itself. Popular step moved include the arms going left to right with a combination of foot stomps. The hands are often pointed like an arrow.

Assists the steppers’ speed

There are a variety of steps that require certain levels of speed. The arms help to keep the stepper up to a specific tempo. Speeds range from 1, 2 to 1,2,3,4. Steps will often combine parts of the routine with pauses in between to showcase the arms. Male step teams use chants differently from females. Men often use their fists to emphasis strength and agility during sequences. It depends on the type of step being executed. If the speed is off, the entire routine will be as well.

Benefits the transition

The arms often give steppers the signal to transition into a totally different routine. They may start out one way and change arm positions to indicate a modification in steps. This is very helpful in large groups. Chants follow with arm changes. One stepper in front could put his or her arms to the side, letting other steppers know to get ready for the next part of the show.

Concludes the performance

Without effective arm positions, a step routine would end wrong. Once a sequence has ended, steppers utilize there arms to signify that. The arms could be side to side, slightly elevated with the hands being in a fist. The arms could be brought up to collar bone facing the same direction with the hands extended like an arrow. There are numerous arm positions that steppers make use of during a competition or performance. This also adds a neater look to the entire piece.

The arms are the bonus for steppers. If they do not master the art of presentation, it will show up in the routine. Once an individual has learned how to control the position of the arms, the rest of the step looks better.