Step Dancing Popular Step Moves

“Step dancing” or “stepping” is a style of artistic movement that involves every part of the body. It comprises of stomping, clapping, and a series of verbal chants. In many cases it mixes all the aspects above. Stepping is fun to do, however their are some popular step moves that step teams perform around the country. Most of them are done for audition purposes.

• Stomp, hand and leg

This is one of the more complicated steps that include a number of distinct elements. It starts with the stomping of the left foot. The left foot stomps on a 1 beat, followed by a hand clap on 2. Then each hand hits each thigh on 3 and 4. Together the beat sounds like 1,2,3,4. This step takes good listening. It is important to listen for the beats.

• Side Leg

This step is often done at the beginning or middle of a routine. It begins with a stomp from either the left or right foot. Then the hand slaps the side of the leg. The other hand slaps the other side. The beat is 1, 2, and 3. It is done quickly for more rhyme. After a few runs, the step will become easier to do. Steppers stand straight at all times when performing this.

• Under leg Clap

This step is for people who have been stepping a little longer. It begins with the left foot stomping to the ground, followed by a loud hand clap. Once the hand claps, the leg comes up half way and the hands clap under it. There is a stomp at the end when the leg comes back down, followed by one last hand clap. This is a very popular step among male step teams. The beat is 1, 2,3,4,5 and done fast.

• Clap and Drop

This step includes the clapping of hands followed by the entire body dropping down to the floor. The beat is 1, 2. The stepper claps there hands once or twice and then descends to the ground in a sitting position. This step requires an individual to have an enormous amount of energy.

• End Position

The end position is the step that concludes the entire step. This is very important because the way a step ends ads or takes away from it. The show could end a couple of ways. The steppers could end a step with there arms to the side, or with there arms to the side while slightly contracted and hands in a fists. These are just two of the various ways a step could end.

New step mores are constantly being added. These are just a few of them. A terrific move could be made from simply adding or subtracting a hand clap.