The act of telling stories has been with us for thousands of years across all cultures and divides,the one thing we all have in common is the need to tell and hear stories. In the past stories were used to record the history and traditions of the tribe or group this would help to bond the tribe together. Imagine thousands of years ago stories would be used to help in many ways for example a story I heard about African Bushmen. A great treat for the bushmen was honey and wild honey can be difficult to find and yet they found a way. They would track a certain bird whose diet consisted of honey and grubs sometimes travelling many miles until the bird leads them to a hollow tree where the hive was situated. They would then get the honey they craved the story goes that you must always give the bird its share of honey and grubs or the next time you follow him he will lead you to danger instead of finding bees or honey you might find a snake or a poisonous insect.

So to our ancestors live story telling was more than just entertainment,it was an integral part of life and death. As we have developed stories have helped define what we are and what we have been. Our laws and our codes of morality all have a debt to storytelling in fact civilisation may not have occurred without story telling. Take all the holy books the Bible the Koran the Torah they are all full of stories that guide educate and amuse us helping us to live our lives. Stories are everywhere we are all story tellers,how many of you parents out there spend many hours telling stories to your children almost from the moment they are born. It is how we learn,so the importance of story telling is paramount to our lives. Our language has developed due to stories,our knowledge of the world around us is only possible thanks to stories.

In today’s society story telling is even more prevalent it is all around us on the streets at work and in our home you can not escape it. The mediums that we use now are immense from the spoken word to books radio television dvds songs everything tells a story we still listen watch and learn every single day. The professional storyteller can be an actor,comedian,singer,poet,author they all make there living telling stories in different ways. Story telling is now so intertwined with our lives that I believe we could not exist without it. So live story telling is one of the most important aspects of all of our lives and I am happy to say is alive and well.