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Strategy Tips for Risk 2210

Risk 2210 is one of the latest variations of the classic board game Risk. The goal of world domination is the same but that is about all that is the same. Risk 2210 plays extremely differently than that of the regular Risk game. Risk 2210 is a futuristic version of Risk with a large number of changes to the basics of the game.

Basic changes

* Energy income is an important factor

Energy is the commodity of the future and the energy points are just as important as the troop increases. Energy allows players to hire commanders, purchase and activate command cards. Energy is vital to the success of the game and should not be ignored.

* The board is different

The board still depicts the earth but after hundreds of years of additional war. The countries are different names and the overall map is different. There are underwater cites that connect to the land at various places. These cities form addition continents to be captured and provide both troop and energy gains.

* The moon is available

There are rules in the game that have the moon as a source of territory. Taking advantage of the moon is crucial for players to gain additional armies and energy.

Remember this is not Risk

The first tip is to not try to play Risk 2210 like a classic Risk game because those tactics do not work in succeeding in the game. There are certain strategies with regular Risk that work extremely well for that game but will not work nearly as well with Risk 2210. One example is seizing Australia as an easy way to gain additional armies. The same is not true of Risk 2210 because of various additional factors, Australia is not the easy prize it once was in Risk. Different games require different strategy.

Purchase many command cards

Risk 2210 allows players to stockpile energy and then use that energy to further their efforts in the game. One way that energy is used is to purchase command cards. These various command cards allow players to find special attacks and defenses. These cards require energy to purchase and sometimes energy to activate the card. Most cards also require the existence of a commander to make use of the card.

Focus on the Nuclear command cards. One specific card is the Armageddon card. The Armageddon card allows all players to use as many Nuclear command cards without the energy expense. A player who stockpiles Nuclear cards could dramatically change the game and eliminate other players easily.

Purchase commanders

There are five different types of commanders and five types of command cards. These commanders are over Sea, Space, Diplomacy, Land and Nuclear commanders. These leaders allow players to activate the same command cards. Without the commanders the cards are worthless.

In addition to command card abilities, the commanders also can attack and defend within their selected territories. All commanders defend with an eight sided die, which gives a decisive advantage. However, do not depend on the commander in attacks or defense. An eight sided die and roll a one just like the six sided die.

Purchase space stations

Another difference in Risk 2210 is the purchase of space stations. Space stations are structures that must be built before troops can land on the moon. These structures can launch units to one of three areas on the moon and make it possible for players to begin their conquest of the moon territories.

Space stations also give an additional defensive position and defend the territory even without other troops. The space station adds an additional eight sided die to the defensive roll of territory. These structures can be purchased with energy stockpiles. The buildings are somewhat expensive but are well worth the investment.

Capture the new territories in the land grab

Risk 2210 begins with a land grab territory assignment. Be sure to grab as many of the underwater territories as possible. Many first time players will avoid these areas because of the need for a sea commander to move troops. Grabbing these territories means that the player must purchase a sea commander on their first turn to move the troops.

Five turn limit

Risk 2210 only lasts five turns. These limitations almost require players to strike on the offensive immediately. The winner is decided by whoever holds the most energy units at the end of the game. Knowing this allows players to take advantage of early attack opportunities.

Risk 2210 does seem somewhat complicated and does take some time to learn the various changes. The game is an incredible addition to the Risk collection. The game allows for new strategies and new tactics with a familiar classic. This game is a must for strategy game fans.

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