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We all can remember Warcraft II and it’s graphics of game-play. Game was good in these days, but new times was coming and Blizzard Entertainment needed to present something new to prevent from loosing Warcraft fans. Ant they presented something… Something that made people get more addicted to Warcraft series games. It was Warcraft 3: Reign of chaos. It happened in 2002, July 5th.

Warcraft 3 was much better in all ways to compare with second part of Warcraft. Graphics engine was changed in all ways. Graphics was created in that way, that it won’t get old after 2 5 or 10 years. And it didn’t. Players still playing Warcraft 3 and they have no reproach to Blizzard Entertainment for graphic engine of Warcraft and they don’t even ask to update game in this way.

Time to time, Blizzard released some updates for Reign of Chaos and one day, in 2003, July 1st, they released expansion pack for Reign of Chaos. It was Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne, expansion pack with various of changes and improves. In fact, there wasn’t any graphics or big game-play changes. There was just small changes on mentioned game-play(for example – cheaper units) and many improves on unit section. In each race there was added some units, buildings and one hero. Also, there was added some neutral units and heroes.

Blizzard gave a surprise to fans, when they developed professionally created scenario map in the same Frozen Throne expansion pack. Scenario wasn’t easy so that was the point why fans kept it playing for a long time. To say in the same title, world edit program was increased pretty much too. Various of new functions helped scenario creators to create more professional maps. That we can see in scenario based game DoTa, which is much more popular than original Warcraft 3 game.

Let’s talk about some gameplay improves in Frozen Throne. First and most visible change was made in units costs. Most of the units cost fallen by some tens percents. That added much more tactic opportunities for Warcraft players. Also, in Frozen Throne expansion, players now can revive their heroes fallen heroes instantly in neutral building called “Tavern”. There players also can buy any neutral hero they want. This improvement also helped players in strategies and tactics issues.

This release was voted a success by many of game magazines. For example, Gamespot nominated Warcraft III:Frozen Throne as “Best Expansion Pack”, “Best Multiplayer game” and, also, expansion pack was nominated as “Best PC Strategy game” by magazine readers.

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