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Stripper Exotic Dancing Dance Stripping Strip Club

Exotic dancing has always been shrouded in myth and mystery, so it’s no wonder many people view it with a little wariness. For some, it’s not as bad as you think; for others, it’s not as glamorous as it looks.

The only solid, concrete fact about exotic dancing is that it’s a job – a means to an end. For some exotic dancers, the end isn’t in sight just yet; others begin with the end in mind. Either way, it’s okay… it’s still just a job. Sure, there’s a certain lifestyle that strippers portray, but don’t forget: what you see isn’t always what you get in a strip club.

Since many people have never even dared set foot in a strip club, there are a few basic facts and myths that must be understood – and they may just sway your opinion in an opposite direction!

MYTH: Strippers are lower-class people who don’t have other job prospects.

FACT: Strippers are every-day, regular people just like you and me. Many work one job during the day (and you may be surprised to learn that strippers are nurses, legal assistants, waitresses, construction workers and college students) and pursue exotic dancing at night or on the weekends – a little extra cash never hurt anybody!

MYTH: Strippers make money hand-over-fist.

FACT: Unfortunately, some strippers don’t make as much as they would like to. If they’re in a good location, possess the required talents – which includes phenomenal “people skills” – and the right physical assets, they’ll do fine. Some girls can pull in over $2000 a weekend, while others struggle to make enough money to pay the bar at the end of the night. Although it is wonderful that a woman should have such a high level of confidence that she can show off her body night after night, she should seek other employment if she’s not making enough to pay the rent working more than three nights a week.

MYTH: Strippers are junkies and prostitutes.

FACT: You probably won’t find as many junkies and drug addicts on Wall Street as you will in a strip club; however, you won’t find as many in a strip club as you may think. This will also depend on your choice of strip clubs – a lower-end bar that serves only popcorn and bottled beer will have a different type of employee than one which serves steak and lobster dinners and twelve-year old scotch. As far as strippers being prostitutes? Well, that’s largely based on your own definition of the word. You may find that some strippers also work as prostitutes, but generally speaking, a stripper is the most difficult girl to make it to third base with.

MYTH: Strippers live to party and party to live.

FACT: Strippers get tired, too. Working until two a.m. (or later) in 6-inch stilettos can wear a girl out – especially if she’s got to get up at seven to get the kids washed, brushed, and off to school and then jet over to another job or a college class. Of course, some girls don’t have other things to do until the next afternoon – and if they’re making tons of cash and in that phase of their life where everything’s fun, they may just be living party to party.

The most important thing to remember is that strippers are people, too. They live, breathe, eat and sleep just like everyone else. They choose to do a job that many people wouldn’t be considered appropriate for simply because of their physical attributes and people skills – and like it or not, there’s a market for exotic dancing.

Whether a girl is making tons of cash for retirement, stashing it away for a trip she’s been wanting to take or just paying the bills, she’s just doing a job; I wouldn’t be upset with a garbage man because he handles the trash (a job many people wouldn’t dream of taking) or angry with a Soldier because sometimes they have to shoot people (another job some people would never consider) – and I’d definitely never mind that a girl is out there making money doing something she does well.

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