Support in may Forms of the Arts

The Free Dictionary ( provides an abundance of information on the word “support.” It can be identified as two different parts of speech: a noun or a verb. There are nine variations of definitions as a verb, as well as, three additional possibilities when in noun form. Further down, the thesaurus section lists many synonyms or different words with similar meanings that can be used in place of the topic of discussion here- SUPPORT. However, with all this varying information, it all comes down to one theme. That is “Help,” or “to help” if you are going to conjugate it and need the infinitive form. No matter how you say, read, or write it, whether you prefer “help” or “support”, there are always plenty of opportunities to do just that.

One area in particular that is always a great cause to stand behind is the support of local arts and humanities. The arts serve many different functions in our society and without them, our civilizations would now, and would always have been, far less civilized. Some of the many functions performed by the arts in general are to inform, entertain, instruct, grow confidence, fund education for students, bring together individuals who may have never met otherwise, provide a safe haven for those who are often on the streets otherwise, but most importantly, they unite. They bring us all together to share in the common love of beauty and talent and passion. That, my friends, is pretty powerful!

Often, we cringe and reach to cover our wallets and pocketbooks when we hear the words “please support” in any context. This stems from the misconception that all support must be monetary, and while sometimes monetary support is most needed, usually there are many ways to support a cause- especially the arts. Support can come from simply attending a performance or an art gallery opening, or by suggesting them to a friend, if you have seen a show that you just absolutely loved or a gallery showing of a new artist whose sculptures you found unique and thoughtful. Volunteer to work the box office or concessions area or to usher a show at your favorite community theater. Even something as small as driving your teenage son or daughter to rehersals or to an art class after school and possibly taking along a friend of theirs and fellow thespian or artist is supporting the cause. These are just a few of the plethora of ways one can support their local arts scene. Whether directly donating funds or donating a little time and effort or something as small as spreading the word about the fabulous new show at the regional theatre nearby, it all helps, and we have already covered the kinship of help to support. Even if you personally don’t consider yourself to be an “artsy” kind of person, support of the arts shouldn’t be out of the question. Think about how the removal of these much needed treasures would inpact our society, our nation, even just your children. Is that a world that you would like to have them live in? Probably not.

Now, run, don’t walk to the next show, gallery, concert, movie or any other type of public showing of artistic expression you can find and help out in some way- big or small, and in turn, give a little support to not only your local arts, but to the world at large. SUPPORT!