Support Local Theatre

If you believe that art is important for the growth of a person and for their community, a great way to show how much the arts mean to you is to act locally. If your emotions lead you to support your local theatre community there are plenty of roles for you to fill.

What kind of theatres there are really depends on what kind of town you live in. If you live in a city, your options are limitless, for chances are you have numerous school, community and professional theatres around you that may need your skills, money and energy. If you live in a smaller town your options might be limited to one community theatre or even just the high school drama club. Since small theatre companies need just as much, if not more, help than bigger more established ones please consider supporting the efforts of the community theatre in your area.

The most basic and essential way you can support local theatre is to go to see it.

Paying your money, putting yourself in that seat and letting the result of weeks or months of work and love and emotion a chance to impress you. Your admission (if you are required to pay any) combined with that of your fellow audience members helps the theatre cover that production’s expenses and just might help them with their next one.

What might be worth more than the money to the hearts of the artists involved in that show is that fact that you are there to perform for. The excited faces and claps of the crowd are why many actors give parts of their lives to theatre.

That being said, money really does help. Particularly in financially lean times when the world is liable to look at the arts as a luxury rather than the instrument of hope that they are. A large or small donation from you can keep a struggling theatre operating.

If the giving of funds is not an attractive option, other kinds of donations may be helpful as well. Many theatre companies will buy costumes from retail stores, thrift shops or garage sales or simply make them from scratch. But you may have a dress or shirt or hat that is perfect for their upcoming production of “Oliver,” so look through what you don’t wear and consider donating it to them instead of throwing it out or donating it elsewhere. The same applies to props, they may really need your old couch or that suitably period phone.

If that all sounds like involvement from too far of a distance, then actively participate in one of their plays. Audition for a role or volunteer for tech crew. Sometimes the best way to support your local arts scene is to be at the center of it.