Tango – No

The Tango…a dance with so much history, a dance of story, and a dance that represents a relationship. Such a beautiful dance that creates such heated romance, with such catchy music. A dance where the man leads the woman in order to make his partner look elegent and graceful. But what if the women were to lead the tango? What would that look like?

Many people would say that women should be allowed to lead due to the fact that women deserve an equal ‘rights’ that men has. However, this is not a case of who has more rights or not. The tango was designed to be led by men and not by women. Why? Out of the many technical reasons, I’ll list a few. Firstly, where is the woman’s hands when they hold, or is held, by their partner? The right hand in their partner’s left hand, and their left on the man’s right shoulder. Where is the man’s hands? The left holding their partner’s and the right resting gently at the lower part of the female’s back. The reason the male’s right hand is placed there is because it is easy to signal the female which direction to go. If the male applies a slight pressure to the right, the female will know to turn right. If the female was leading, how would she tell the man where to go? Turn their partner’s shoulder? No, that would break the frame they need to have in order to make the dance look like it was meant to look. Therefore if the woman were to lead, it would no longer be the tango. The reason men lead is not to demean women, but because it was how the dance was meant to be. Dresses were meant for women. Should men wear dresses just because they want to? Since they weren’t meant for men, the answer is no.

Second, the show “So You Think You Can Dance” is an excellent example of some women trying to lead certain dances, including the tango, which resulted in a very messy performance that was not easy to watch. When the woman tries to lead, like I mentioned earlier, the framework breaks, which makes that performance look unprepared, unstable, and weak. But why does it look messy? There’s another factor that many people forget to realize. All of the legwork that the females do during each routine requires a whole lot of balance that they themselves cannot hold. Therefore they have to rely on the male to be their support. This does not happen when the woman tries to lead. Each movement requires a lead, and if the female were to lead, then they would no longer be able to perform the fancy moves and stunts that requires the male’s support. Therefore this performance would be dull and boring, not to mention the messiness I have been constantly mentioning.

So, should women be allowed to lead the tango because women believe that they deserve the same amount of rights that men do? The answer is no. I believe that women deserve the same amount of rights as men do. However, the tango wasn’t designed to take that right away. It was designed to tell a story, provide a soothing and passionate entertainment, and make people appreciate the art of dance. Most importantly, it was designed to make people realize how beautiful the connection between a man and a woman can be. Do we really want to take that away?