Tell me more about the Steam Tank in Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Full Steam Ahead

Steam tanks are mammoth smoke and steam bellowing creations; Leonardo of Miragilano originally designed them and oversaw their construction.  Since his time no one has been successfully able to recreate the design.  Twelve steam tanks were made and due to the constant warfare that rages in the warhammer world only eight now remain in a useable condition.  These eight are lovingly repaired and maintained by the college of engineers.

In times of dire need the engineers will take one of the remaining steam tanks into battle.  They are terrifying devices for the foe to gaze upon.  Each vast steel and iron behemoth rumbles forward threatening to crush the foe beneath its sheer bulk.  Bows and sword blows alike glance off its mighty form.

Driven by a steam-powered engine through a system of pipes and pistons, the steam tank also uses this power to fire its weaponry.  Though the college of engineers have added some unusual armaments over the year most steam tanks are armed with a steam powered cannon and a turret mounted steam gun that dowses nearby foes in super heated steam.

The engineer commander in charge of the steam tank must decide which valves and levers to close to allow steam to flow to the part of the steam tank that requires it most.  It is a delicate fine art originally done by feel, noise and sense of intuition.  In recent years the college of engineers have added pressure gauges, whistles and other devices to assist in this task.  The higher the pressure the steam boiler generates the more it options the engineer commander has.  However the higher the pressure the more likely a pipe or even the boiler itself may rupture or even explode.

Turn The Terrible Tank

Steam tanks are almost like a super chariot armed with a cannon and a breath weapon.  With a toughness of 6, 10 wounds and a 1+ armour save it takes a strong attack to be able to damage it.  Each turn you must generate steam points though if you keep these low enough you run no chance of damaging the tank.

Break Down

Should the steam tank take even a couple of wounds its effectiveness begins to drop as the number of steam points you can safely generate does too.  The main thing to watch out for is enemy war machines, in particular bolt throwers.  Another nasty surprise is the spirit of the forge spell from the lore of metal, which will also be effective against any knights you have.  There are also some powerful characters that can cause it serious damage. 

All Or Nothing

Another interesting point to note is that your oppenent must completely destroy the steam tank to gain any victory points from it so it can divert a lot of his resources to this end.