The Frozen Throne Game Review

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne is most definitely the best RTS, Real Time Strategy, game of all Time. With its creative and original campaign mode, its addicting online gameplay, its admirable music, and its character’s great voice acting, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne is able to surpass its fellow competing RTS games by miles of excellence. All of its current and past players will agree with that sentence in saying that Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne tops all other RTS video games.

Despite being released in the middle of 2003 which was over 6 years ago, the game still averages approximately 80,000 gamers online at all times of the day. These hardcore players come from all around the world, but unite together in this amazing masterpiece of an RTS. Here they battle one another in ranked standard games, tournaments, and assigned teams games, but also relax by playing an enjoyable unranked custom game where people can enjoy the company of one another and simply take a break from the strenuous and hardcore battles that go on within ladder games. Seeing as so many people still play such a relatively ancient game from back in the day, there is no arguing that The Frozen Throne is still an amazing breakthrough in RTS gaming.

Now it’s time to move on to the review of specific parts of the game. These will include the game’s presentation, graphics, sound, gameplay, and lasting appeal.

For presentation, the game included a brilliant story behind the four races which are the backbone of how the game is played. The connection between the human alliances, the night elf sentinels, the orc hordes, and the undead scourge combined with a brilliant story gave The Frozen Throne the perfect introduction into its game. The story of the two betrayers of the light, Arthas and Illildan will forever be leave a lasting image in the beauty of The Frozen Throne’s plot. Also, the way the campaigns were formatted to tell the story was incredible as well. The campaigns led the player through quests that were needed to be completed and each explained the story more and more in depth. There was never a boring campaign solely because the story telling mechanism behind each and every one worked so well with the gameplay. All in all, the beginning presentation was excellent and no changing it would make it better.

Secondly, the graphics are to be rated. 6 years ago, the graphics were revolutionary for its time with it being one of the first 3D RTSs available for play. Each unit had a carefully drawn out face making use of the technology back then to make distinct looks for each of the four races. Comparing these graphics to ones today may make the characters look shabby and poorly drawn, but still mid-gameplay each building and each unit has its unique and original look. And even if the graphics of the gameplay aren’t perfect, the cutscenes in between main campaigns most definitely are. The movie-like images of the cutscenes can cause anybody to become speechless. The characters that were once slightly pixelated during gaming suddenly become lifelike so much so that it’s almost scary. The actions and movements of these near-real characters are so smooth and gracefully done that it just keeps adding the lifelike nature of the cutscenes. Overall, the graphics of The Frozen Throne are excellent and deserve much praise for its time.

Thirdly, the sound and music need to be judged. Often times games will be the ruin of themselves by playing unrelated music that just doesn’t seem to fit the mood of what is being done at the time. The Frozen Throne is not one of those games. With beautiful yet epic music playing in the background of battles the gaming experience is nearly doubled with greatness. And not only is the music great, the general sounds are incredible as well. With sounds of swords clashing and units grunting as they die, the sounds coming from fierce battles makes gamers feel as if they are suddenly in this world of fantasy. As a final note of the sounds heard in the game, Blizzard Entertainment included funny easter eggs in the game where multiple clickings of a unit cause it to say funny things. Only a brilliant game with absolutely no fear of any competition would allow such hilarious lines in such a serious game.

Finally, the lasting appeal is what gamers remember about the video games they play. It’s what affects their daily lives and causes them to think about how great or how terrible the game they played was. The Frozen Throne is one of those games that will not be forgotten because of its extraordinary nature. Not only is the story behind the whole world of Warcraft incredible and unique, its online gameplay will leave behind memories of large-scale battles between competitive players. The Frozen Throne will most certainly leave an incredible lasting appeal on any gamer that wishes to enter its domain.

In conclusion, The Frozen Throne has definitely scored an incredibly high score on my watch.

Presentation: 9/10

Graphics: 8/10

Sound: 9/10

Lasting Appeal: 10/10

Final Score: 9/10 – Incredible.