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The game that everyone is talking about: Grand Theft Auto V reviewed

Grand Theft Auto V has been the most eagerly anticipated video game in gaming history. Ever since publisher, Rockstar Games, announced the title in October 2011, Grand Theft Auto has been the main three words on every gamer’s lips. Apart from a few cleverly produced trailers, the major content of Grand Theft Auto V has been kept under wraps until its recent release date of Sept. 17, 2013.

Unlike previous Grand Theft Auto games, you now get to control three main characters, each with different skill attributes and backgrounds. Michael, a guy in his mid 40’s is an expert in weaponry, particularly guns while Trevor, an eccentric specialises in frenzied attacks, which are in keeping with his crazy nature. Finally there is Franklin, the youngest of the trio who specialises in slow motion driving which is useful when accurate driving is required on busy roads.

After the initial scene which takes place 19 years prior to the present day, Franklin is the first character you will get familiar with. The beauty of Grand Theft Auto games is that they will always break you in gently to a new title. Even if you are a veteran of the series, it is always nice to get a reminder of what each button and stick does and Rockstar have incorporated this mini tutorial seamlessly into the game so that you don’t even think of it as being a traditional tutorial.

Getting out onto the open roads is what Grand Theft Auto has been all about and GTA V does not disappoint. The GTA IV map of Liberty City was widely acclaimed as some of the best graphics ever to be seen on the current generation of consoles but the graphical representation of Los Santos in GTA V is simply stunning and will almost certainly never be beaten until the new consoles arrive. With a new, improved satellite navigation system and a whole new collection of radio stations, cruising around the streets and highways of Los Santos is now more enjoyable than ever before.

Of course, the main purpose of Grand Theft Auto V is completing missions and getting further into the story. As you get further into the story, more locations on the map are identified. The entire map is actually unlocked from the beginning of the game, but key areas are not shown to avoid spoilers later on. Missions start of fairly easy and progressively get harder as the game develops. Each character has their own set of missions plus some that are done as a collective, where you will need to constantly change character to perform the task in a specific order. An example of this would be a bank heist, where you will need Michael to take down the guards, Franklin to drive the getaway car and Michael to be, well Michael!

Grand Theft Auto V is not without its controversy. The game has always had a reputation for being close to the edge and in some instances, crossing the line of what is acceptable. Without spoiling the game, GTA V has one mission which could rival Modern Warfare 2’s Russian airport scene for being the most shocking scene ever witnessed in a video game. This scene aside, Grand Theft Auto V is an extremely fun game to play and the commentary is frequently poking fun at modern day America in a subtle way which only Rockstar could get away with.

On release day, Grand Theft Auto V only existed as a single player game with the online content, titled GTA Online due for release on Oct. 1, 2013. This content promises to be just as popular as the main story itself, with an additional 500 missions to complete, but with the added bonus that you will need to do them in co-operation with your friends or random players. You will also be able to buy property and cars to store in your online world and share them with your friends. Rockstar has already confirmed that GTA Online will be free to anyone who has bought Grand Theft Auto V and they have also said they are committed to increasing the content within the game world with Liberty City already rumoured to be a future add-on.

Grand Theft Auto V is for adults only (18 and over) and is available now for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Reports that this is the best game ever are not exaggerated, this really does need to be seen to be believed. It is staggering to think that Rockstar has managed to produce a masterpiece like this on the current technology and they should be congratulated. Grand Theft Auto V proves that there is still life left in the current generation consoles.

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