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The Impact and Legacy of Space Invaders

Space Invaders is a shooting video game that was released in 1978. Back then, the most popular arcade game was pinball. When Space Invaders first came out, it immediately became an addiction. The world had never even thought of such graphics and gameplay. The designer, Tomohiro Nishikado had produced a two-dimensional technological miracle. Space Invaders were first released by Taito in Japan, but as its popularity kept rising, Midway distributed it in United States.

The basic idea was pretty simple. Aliens attack Earth and you need to rescue the world. The alien troops keep coming down and you must eliminate them by shooting at them with your laser cannon. Watch out! The more you kill, the faster they come down. Some of them even move in an unpredictable way to avoid your hits. Gather as many points as you can and be the one to write your name on the ranking board. This simple idea became a fun way to spend your time. And your money of course!

Space Invaders was awarded with a Guinness World Record as the most profitable arcade game ever. It even caused a temporary coin shortage in Japan when it was first released. Despite the fact that the game’s graphics are considered primitive for today, Space Invaders became a revolutionary boost for every current video game. It did not only inspire manufacturers to produce many spin-offs and sequels like Galaxian and Galaga, but also the whole gaming industry.

Being one of the most popular and successful arcade games ever, Space Invaders have loyal fans even nowadays. The game’s arcade machines have been listed in auctions and people spend a load of dollars to attain one of them.

The huge impact that Space Invaders has caused, can be easily clear from the various references on television shows, movies or even cartoons. The alien figure of the game still remains a logo for video games overall in the modern world. The music characterizes Space Invaders and many still keep whistling the tune. The tempo kept rising according the alien attacks or how close they got to you.

In 1980, Atari authorised Space Invaders so as to include it in its home entertainment console, the 2006 system. The result was amazing and offered many hours of fun to gamers at every age.

In 2006, the game was exhibited in the London Science Museum’s Game. Through this, young people realised the significance of Space Invaders. Because, without this game, video games consoles like Playstation or Xbox, might not exist. Just imagine!

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