The Super Chipmunk Remote Control Airplane

The Super Chipmunk has been around since Art Shules flew the full scale version in aerobatic championships. With his small dog sitting on his shoulders, He would fly his Super Chipmunk to first place wins from the 1960’s to the early 90’s, until the eventful event of his death. The Super Chipmunk is a very aerobatic as well as a gentle airplane to fly. Weather it be the remote control version or the full size airplane it is renowned as one of the best flying airplanes ever built.

The first Super Chipmunk kit for remot controle hobbiest had been produced by Veco manufacturing. The kit was hard to fly due to manufactures not being up with the times. Airfoils were hard to copy in small forms of planes, as well as being hand cut kits. The Super Chipmunk has been produced by several manufacturers over the years as well as being perfected like the full scale versions. The first style of Super Chipmunk came from the Canadian war version done in yellow and orange color schemes.

To this day Grate Planes manufactures a kit form as well as a ARF version, as well as many other manufacturer’s of grate kits and ARF’s on the market today. I have personally flown both the kit forms as well as the ARF versions of this fine flying planes. They do not stall at slow speeds meaning the airflow over the wings slowing down causing the aircraft to fall out of the sky, either forward or to one side of the wing. The Super Chipmunk makes a fine second airplane or as many say intermediate airplane to fly after a trainer style plane.

the Super Chipmunk is very aerobatic as well as a slow down type plane for the Sunday flier. They make the airplane in several sized including .10 to .45 size and a jump up from that to .60 to .90 and then the grand daddy version 1.5cc to 4.0 cc gas version. So what ever version you go with you are guaranteed a very responsive go fast to a slow down and graceful flight from the Super Chipmunk.

With it’s Red, Blue and White color scheme the go fast looks, and the graceful in the air lines you can not go wrong in purchasing on of these fine planes to add to your hanger. I currently have two versions of the radio control airplanes in my guest bedroom, my A.K.A hanger as every one of us have and would not regret putting another to join them. As most modelers say, May your feet stay on the firmly planted on the ground and may you soar in the wild blue yonder.