Theres Wonderful Theatre in your own Backyard

Contrary to what many people may think, there is more to supporting the local arts scene let alone local theatre than simply handing out dough and so forth. Of course, donating and/or lending money does help a very long way. But money alone does not really support the local art or theatre scene. Again, it does help. But, simply donating and/or lending money does not completely equate to supporting your local arts scene. There are many simple ways to do so. If you do not have the money to spare, like many others due to the state of the global economy, there are other ways to do so.


To get this out of the way; yes, you can give a check, money order, or cash as a means. In order to thrive, the local arts scene let alone theatres need cash. This is one of the reasons that theatres try to generate its own funds to supplement funds received from donations from everyday people like you and me. It is the simplest way of supporting the local arts scene let alone theatre.

However, this method does not really constitution to really giving support. Yet, giving money to support the local arts scene does go a very long way. If you do not have the money to spare, then there are many other ways to help out.


This could pretty much be tied in with Method One. There are ways of raising funds other than hitting people up for donations. However, this is a slightly different approach. This method involves fundraising in the form of some sort of event for the most part.

How do you hold a fundraiser? You do not have to do anything extravagant. The main purpose is to raise funds and not blow off cash.

Blowing off cash for a fundraiser defeats the whole purpose of organizing one in the first place.

One example would be organizing a car wash. There are plenty of people that use local car washes as a means to raise funds. Doing so to support the local arts and theatre scene is pretty much no different. But, you may not want to do a car wash.

Other ways would be the following: pizza blast, spaghetti dinner, bake sale, barbecue lunch, and so forth. There are many creative and low cost ways to organize a fundraising event. If you cannot cook, you can always assist in the fundraising event. If you have good organizing and networking skills, you could always pitch in to help.

Not only will you be helping the fundraising event, you will be supporting the local art and theatre scene.


This is perhaps one of the best methods to supporting your local arts scene. In the case of theatre, you can always volunteer to help. Most theatres always need volunteers to help out before, during, and after performances.

One example would be offering to volunteer your time to help paint and build sets. Hiring the manpower to build and paint sets does cost money. If you know and to build and/or paint, you can always volunteer your time. Your efforts would very much be appreciated.

But, there are other ways to volunteer.

You can volunteer to help out backstage. The technical crew is extremely crucial for the behind the scenes work in regards to theatre in general. Technical crews are essential to any theatrical production.

You can volunteer to greet people at the door and/or pass out programs. You can volunteer to advertise for them by passing out fliers and pamphlets. You can volunteer as an usher and eject unruly audience members.


While people are rehearsing, you could volunteer and bring them food. If you have good cooking/baking skills, why not put them to use in that fashion? You can bring the cast, crew, and other people the cupcakes, muffins, ice cream sandwiches, pizzas, and so forth. If you can, you could bake muffins, brownies, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and so forth as a result.


Actually attending the shows is a good way of showing support. The reason people put on theatrical productions is simply not to make money (unless it is a professional business). The main reason is because they want to give a good show. Actors want to put on a good performance. The crew wants to help the actors out. Despite the funding and resources, actors tend to feel dejected when there is barely an audience.

You can buy a ticket and attend the show. You can bring other people with you in order to watch the show. If the show is good, you can convince other people to watch the show as well.

With these methods, you do not have to shell out money let alone a lot of it in order to show your support for the local arts let alone theatre scene. There are many simple and cost effective ways to do so. All it takes is a combination of creativity and determination.