Things you should know before Playing for Real Money at Online Poker Sites Poker Scams

Things you should know before playing for real money at online poker sites

Online poker sites such as Full tilt poker, Pokerstars and PKR are overall vastly popular and nobody really knows what happens behind closed doors. Although there are gaming commissions to ensure customer protection and safety casinos have always been known to be extremely devious, so why do we trust online poker sites? Especially when we don’t know anything about what their systems do or can’t see anything that is going on?

There are a huge majority of poker sites that offer a sponsorship deal when they are first starting out, either to make extra cash or to encourage people to play. The deal is they give you around 20k in your poker account and 50% of anything on-top of that is your and the rest is the casino’s. New online poker sites offer this to great poker players which is quite ridiculous for anyone else that then plays at their site. Casinos are rarely legitimate and I’m sure their systems would be set to give their sponsors the edge, just like they do with the house in the casino anything to turn the odds slightly in their favour.

There is no way of knowing if iconic “reliable” poker sites such as Full tilt poker and Pokerstars do this. Casinos have used this trick for years which is know as “spotting”, lending a great player money and giving them a cut, however the casino’s used earn pieces and cameras in the side boards to let the players know the cards. Online poker enables them to fix or change anything! One bad beat can be fixed through online poker which gives the poker site and player easy money out of your pocket! Iconic casinos of the past which seemed trustable in Vegas and across the world have scammed their way into millions and the industry is now changing to online which gives us even less insight to what they may be doing.

Ideally if you want to play poker then actually go to a casino or just play with friends at home, online poker is very suspicious and I if I have this idea of how to easily make $200,000,000 with their system and take no real effort or technology then what will stop them from doing anything like this? Many of you may think the gaming commission that provides their license? Well the system inspections are annually and it would only take one day at the tech department of any iconic poker site/software to change it.