Tips for Finding Loose Slot Machines

Some casino slot players know exactly what games they like to play and stick to them even when they aren’t paying. Others come with an open mind, they just want to win. But all players are hoping the one they sit down in front of is a loose slot machine.

Every casino slot player is hoping to hit the big one. And all players hope to find a machine that the pit boss has ordered loose. These machines are out there but seem lost on a floor of 1200 machines or more.

The first thing a player should do when entering a casino slot floor is to stroll around looking for the busiest slots. These are often the loosest. A really savvy player will take time to study a bank of slots before he sits down. Slot machine guide books state that frequently, every other machine is loosened in a bank of loose slots. So if the people on either side of you are winning and you aren’t, leave your seat and stand back waiting until someone leaves a seat that you feel could be loose.

If you’re looking for the best odds on a slot machine, look for a “straight slot” or “flat top”. These machines have a fixed jackpot. Progressive machines have big jackpots but fewer small hits. Many experts feel that playing machines that have the fewest reels will also help balance the odds in your favor.

If maximum playing time is your goal, look for slot machines that have a jackpot of 3000 coins or less. These machines are set for more small hits, allowing you to play longer.

The only casino workers who know if a machine is set loose are the top people in the office so asking the floor personnel is rather fruitless.

Las Vegas, the world famous capital city of gambling, is reported to have the highest payback based on the most slot machines. Those in the know say stay off the strip and play at the downtown Vegas casinos. The “least loose” slot machines are those found in airports, grocery stores, bars and restaurants.

Slot machines come in every size and color and all flash their lights and sing their siren songs, trying to get the passerby to sit and play for awhile. When you find one that appeals to you sit down, enjoy the game and have a great time, because in most cases, that’s all you’ll take home. And always enter into the gambling arena with a clear idea of what your bankroll for the session is, and stick to it!