Tips for Roleplaying your Character

I have been an avid roleplayer in MMORPGs for years now. It is one of my favorite hobbies, and yes I consider it a hobby. It is fun, relaxing, and it gets your creativity pumping.

When I first started out, I used all sorts of emoticons that should not be involved in roleplaying. Among my favorite were smiley faces, smileys, and more smileys. It is rather embarrassing now, as I thought I was just being the greatest roleplayer for anyone to have ever met. I had good ideas, but no one took them seriously if I followed them up with a smiley ( 😀 😛 D: 8^o ).

I thankfully had a very patient roleplay guild who overlooked that from a beginning roleplayer. Phew! Their encouragement and patience led me to love the roleplay and the community of roleplaying servers. This was back in Everquest, if you were wondering. Now, since I have moved on to World of Warcraft, I am not very fond of what roleplay communities have turned into. I have taken to just roleplaying with family members who also play, and in passing with other players.

Here are a few of the tips and tricks I have learned from my roleplaying experience.

Number one. Jump in and take risks. If you stand on the outskirts of a roleplay session, your character you have created will fade into nonexistence. They will become a plain piece of white paper. No personality, no past, no goals in their life. Simply take the leap and start up roleplay with other players. You may find the rare few who reject your attempts, but there are others who are dying to meet new and interesting characters.

Number two. Not every character can be a hero. Yes, you are entitled to play one as there are people in the world with that personality type, but there are also real ‘characters’. They are goofy, they trip, they have flaws. They don’t have to be the class clown, just remember no one is perfect. If you want to reach full reality of a character, remember that.

Number three. Immerse yourself in your character. Do not think of it as a pixelated race that you chose on the character select screen, think of it instead as having an actual life. What did it do before it went to bed for the night? Did it sneak a midnight snack? In the morning, did it eat a small breakfast or skip it entirely? Remember to always think how your character would inside the game. You might jump at the opportunity to go and kill that enemy character with low health, but would your fair character?

Number four. When you do reach a certain leveling of roleplay, always remember to be accepting. I have seen many accounts of new characters popping up on a server, looking to find roleplay. They might add smileys, but did I not add smileys in my past too? Remember they are not always looking to annoy you and grief you. After all, in my opinion, the grievers of today were people who were rejected in past attempts to roleplay. Take it upon yourself to turn their lives around!