Tips on Choosing a Gaming Console

Many people have different tastes of gaming. Whether from old school game boy or the new high-class Xbox 360, gaming is all the same. Now you are reading this article because you what to choose the right console for you. There are many good choices available on the market at the moment and I will include from hand held consoles to TV-plugin consoles.

DS by Nintendo

The DS comes in many different styles and characteristics. The DSs have unique personalities. They have a touch screen,camera, portable and with two screens. Not many consoles these days include these awesome features. There are different types of DSs. These includes the DS 3D, or 2D. The 3D version is just a fancier version of the 2D but if you are not on a budget, the 3D is highly recommended as it gives a more realistic version of the game and more ways to interact with it. Finally, if you are looking for a console which is portable, with a camera, wifi connection, then the Nintendo DS is the right one for you.

Sony PSP/Play Station Portable

Personally, I would recommend the PSP to anyone who wishes for a console which is high in quailty and low in price and personally, I believe that the Nitendo company is unreliable and the company is based in Japan so if there is any difficulties, you will be on your own. Since 2009, PSP prices have dropped to a amazing standard and now is the good time to strike. With able storages for movies, musics, photos and downloadable games, who wouldn’t choose one of these?

Nintendo Wii

Wondering what the take back to the family for a game that they can all enjoy and participate at the same time? There is nothing better than the Wii. This device features specially in family and multiplayer games and can offer top qualities for its customers. With the Wii, the more controllers you have, the more people can play. The Wii is a fantastic piece of machinery to get the whole body moving but it is highly not recommended for shooting games.


What the Wii lackes in, the Xbox provides. Now with the new Kinect technology, Xbox is way better than a Wii at gaming but cannot offer a game for more than ten people. Although the price is high, you get whats worth it. Unlike Xbox, it specialises in shooting games as it is the only decent device to play Halo on. When it transforms to Kinect, it is even better than a Wii. Now for the online games and features. It also offers movies and music and downloadable games but you must pay for the internet. But with some money, you can get Foxtel as well! So if you are a bit more on the ‘family socialising’ side but also likes to play first person shooter, Xbox is the choice.


With High Definition qualities, Blu-Ray enable DVD player, who wouldn’t what to get their hands on one of these? The PS3 is what you need for first person shooters. It has high speed reactions to make sure that your game continues smooth without pause. Now you might have heard of the Playstation Move. It is basically a copy of the Wii and much more expensive. So if you what a ‘hardcore’ shooter session, a PS3 might be your best choice.

In conclusion, I hope that this will help you to decide the right console and gaming equipment for your needs.