Tips to Photograph Brilliant Landscapes

Scenes of spectacular natural beauty have the magical ability to captivate onlookers into a state of fascination. Landscapes with their silent yet grand allure can speak more than a thousand words and inspire. Patience and creative experimentation as well the elements of light, time of day and weather can be used to your advantage to capture that perfect shot. The following tips should prove very useful in helping you to capture brilliant landscapes full of mood, drama, and which showcase some of nature’s best displays.

• A window into another world

Capture a unique spot to make the picture open up like a window to reveal another world, place or time. Use a wide angle lens and get some foreground detail into the frame. Various techniques are used to show scale and depth, like the use of a foreground object with a background and a central focus point-giving the picture a 3D illusion. Over hanging branches, a palm tree or shells can provide good foreground elements and can frame a picture and make it window-like and adding dimension. Such techniques have the power of making the person viewing the picture feel as if they were there because they get to see the depth of each object in the picture, like what is close, what is far away etc. The picture invites them in as if it were a window into another world.

• Timing and patience waiting for that perfect shot opportunity

To capture that brilliant set of shots, patience and the right timing is often required. The right weather and time can provide a range of elements of mood and color to capture a magnificent scene. For example, it isn’t always best to go out on a sunny day to capture the best scenes. More often than not, it is after the rain or right before an impending storm that creates the perfect mood to take an amazing landscape image. Dramatic effects can enhance the scene by means of wind in the trees, the reflection of the sky on the sea or birds flying across the sky or clouds in motion. Long shutter speeds (2 – 3 seconds) can be used to create an image in motion effect.

Certain times of day like before sunrise or just before sunset are great times to shoot the best landscape pictures. It is when the sun is far away that a greater range of colors appear in the sky and surrounding area. The right lighting is an essential feature for successful landscape pictures; they enliven and offer a beautiful and merged spectrum of color.

• Creativity

Thanks to technology, it’s now possible to take great landscape shots without the use of a tripod and so this opens the door wide for you to experiment and explore unique angles. Don’t shoot every landscape picture at eye level, and be creative in imaging the scene you want to shoot. You can tilt the camera from the side or at various angles to get a good perspective. Place the camera on the ground or even climb up a tree to explore various scenes and angles even more.

Brilliant landscape images make viewers feel as if they are there. Elements of lighting, the right angles and foreground objects add depth, mood and color to create stunning images that have a magical hypnotizing effect. Good landscape photographers show nature at its best by being patient, creative and lying in wait to seize the perfect opportunity to capture the scene when it’s ready.